Edward Snowden: 8 tools he uses and advises to protect your privacy

Edward Snowden had lifted the veil on a violation of the privacy of mass by the U.S. secret service. Since then, he’s refuge in Moscow to evade authorities chasing him. It does not connect to the internet every day. But for this he uses tools specific to protect my privacy. We present them to you.

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Edward Snowden necessarily tells you something. This ex-NSA (National Security Agency) had revealed to the eyes of the world the details of several monitoring programs mass of the British and American intelligence services. After revealing everything in 2013, he became the enemy public number 1. A crazy story traced by Oliver Stone end 2016 cinema giant in a film called soberly “Snowden.”

True Edward Snowden, him, went to take refuge in Moscow. But he is not holed to in the bottom of a bunker to avoid the authorities looking for him. He remains very active on the web and in the media. But if this is possible, is because it uses specific tools enabling him to protect my privacy. Here they are.

The encryption of the hard drive

first of all, Edward Snowden advises users to encrypt the hard drive of their computer. It is a first security that helps protect its private data of any type of vol.

because when to steal my computer, beyond the device itself it is especially its content which is dear to us. In a professional setting, often even that data is confidential. By encrypting the hard drive ensures that no one can get information or photos stored on the machine.

A manager of passwords

we speak you it regularly, besides all the media, and yet many users still neglect the importance of passwords. A few days ago, a list of the worst passwords used was published, and it is really scary to see.

Thus, Edward Snowden recommends that all users of turn to a manager of passwords . It allows to use a different password for each service used, a password that is also complex. The advantage is that you don’t have to remember all the passwords since the service keeps them for you. Besides, most of the time the passwords are encrypted for even more security.

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the double authentication

and more of a manager of passwords, it is also recommended by the expert of the protection of the privacy of implement the double authentication. this is a system that allows access to a service with a second safety in addition to the password.

android malware

Gmail, Facebook or even Twitter offer this double authentication. Thus, if someone manages to steal your password, SMS for example can be sent for a second check. Security in more welcome.

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Qubes OS: “the best operating system”

is not infallible – nothing is – but it is the most reliable system at present.

This is how Edward Snowden talks about Qubes OS. This program is presented as an operating system other than full open source and high-security. it is based on the following principle: users can partition each online activity and set the security level to give for each activity.

qubes os

This is materialized by a color given to the screen. Thus, it is possible for example to use Tor to one side, a more conventional browser in parallel, or a word-processing or image editing software.

If someone malicious attempts to access the computer then it will face several barriers and not only one. The plus is that in case of attempt of infection by a virus, it does not affect the entire system, but only a part.

All these advantages make say Edward Snowden it as simply because of the “best OS’ . Qubes OS is completely free but quite difficult to take in hand unfortunately.

PGP: encryption software

the documentary “Citizenfour” of the journalist Laura Poitras, Edward Snowden to secure maximum trade to protect my privacy and especially not being caught by the secret service. For those who do not know, he traded extensively with the journalist so she can offer her documentary.

pgp cryptographie

So, before you start any exchange with the reporter, Edward Snowden used PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) software which is a cryptography software. It allowed him to create a first contact with the journalist.

The PGP is could not be more simple: it allows a user to encrypt their e-mail online. It prevents the reading of messages sent by a third party if the latter does not have the decryption key. A tool to both easy to use and very effective, since even the NSA fails to find the fault.

Signal: the e-mail encrypted with “everyday”

If you read regularly, you have certainly heard about messaging Signal. It is certainly the tool used by Edward Snowden more focused public today. The former NSA agent strongly contributed to its success since it said on Twitter use Signal “every day” .

signal application android cryptage

I must say that enforcement is particularly well secure since it’s encrypted from end to end. Only the emetteurr and the receiver of a message can read it. Otherwise it is encrypted on the servers of Signal and it is impossible to read from a distance.

The big plus point is that Signal is available on iOS and Android for free. Note that the American NGO Electronic Frontier Foundation gave the maximum score to Signal. This NGO analyzes the security level of the existing communication tools. Include the services analysed the other well-known e-mail, Telegram.

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Tails: the “amnesiac system”

as Qubes OS, Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System or system incognito and amnesia) is quite complicated to handle. But he remains a formidable tool to protect my privacy. In the documentary Citizenfour, we discover that Snowden used Tails to communicate with the media.

tails vie privee

As Qubes, it is a bone. Based on Linux, it can be started from a DVD, US key, or an SD card. It is based in fact on the Tor network to surf the web in a completely anonymous way. Strong point: it allows to leave no trace on the internet if on machine is used.

Tails is used by many journalists working on sensitive issues like those who worked on the documentary Citizenfour, or even those of Reporters without borders. As explained more high Tails is quite difficult to handle but very complete documentation is available online.

HTTPS Everywhere: security, always

we end up with a tool that you can use all right now without big installation. This is the HTTPS Everywhere extension available on Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers .

This extension was born from a collaboration between the Tor project and the Elecronic Frontier Founadation. HTTPS Everywhere in fact to protect its navigation online. It ensures that the path to connect to a site prints is secured by the HTTPS protocol. To put it simply, as soon as the secure HTTPS connection is available the extension will connect you on automatically.

https everywhere

That is recommended by Edward Snowden tools to protect your privacy. Then you already use some? Which are you trying? Tell us all!

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