Do you know the secret that contains the clock of the Samsung Galaxy?

whether Samsung, other signs and even Android, secrets are common with the OS mobile flagship of Google, not to mention the existence of the Easter Eggs (whether Android or in some applications (in) Google. In short. Today, we will tackle in this secret you in the clock of the Samsung Galaxy. In itself, this isn’t a big secret that will make you fall over backwards, but I was surprised when I discovered it. Without further ADO, let’s find out this mystery!

so, what mystery hiding the clock of the Samsung Galaxy?

Discovered for the first time in 2013 on a Galaxy S4, the secret of the clock of Samsung already existed at the time, finally it is that several users had reassembled us in FrAndroid drafting. Clearly, it is that application, finally the app icon ‘Clock’ of the Samsung Galaxy Android – after Android 4.4 and maybe even a little before – is animated. You still don’t see no difference? Here’s how to see.

For this, you can proceed in two ways, the first is to:

  • make you in the drawer of applications, then

  • turn to the page where the clock.

  • then change the page and wait 10 seconds.

  • as a result, you should notice that the seconds hand has moved.

secret icone application horloge samsung galaxy android images example 00
look at the blue needle of the seconds on the two images. We do not see on the screenshots, but needles minutes and hours are also moving. © ANDROIDPIT

Note: Note that the seconds hand is not the only one that moves, since others are also busy. And it is precisely this brings us to the second way, which you probably also thought.

Thus, you should know that the first way still works, but it is certainly more convenient to install the icon of the clock on the home screen, to avoid to fetch each time to see the difference. After you install the icon on the desktop, change the page and/or turn off your mobile back on the icon a little later. As a result, you should also notice that the other hands are also in constant motion.

Maybe it’s gadget, but the brand still made an effort to integrate its software interface. In addition, be aware that the animated icons are not new in Android. For those who ignore it, some themes already proposed icons animated in 2011. Today, you can even find beautiful in Material Design. Last thing, applying a theme that changes the appearance of the icon can turn off the feature. If you put the right icon or the default theme, the animation of the icon should logically return to normal.

Article written by Tony Balt, and published a first time last year in may 2016.

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