Distribution Android: Froyo disappears, Nougat is struggling to win

is a barely over a year Android 6.0 Marshmallow was formalized. This version of Google’s system brought many interesting developments, such as Doze and Now we Tap. The launch of Android 7.0 Nougat made that State the obvious: the market of Android versions is very fractured. What so fragmentation of Android today?

distribution of Android: January 2016

the Android Developer site updated table on distribution of Android. The big news is first that Android 2.2 Froyo is purely and simply excluded from the table. That’s hardly surprising since he represented only 0.1% of the users last November, the passage of Christmas will cost him my place in the standings.

Unsurprisingly, Nougat is not a large place (0.5% for Android 7.0, 0.2% for Android 7.1). It’s really unfortunate because this is done some time now that this version is available, progress is far too slow. Marshmallow has gained ground, going from 24% to 29.6%, as well as Android 5.1 Lollipop which rose from 22.8% to 23.3%. Others have come down, which is quite logical when you consider the age of the appliances.

fragmentation android janvier
Froyo has disappeared from the ranking. © Developer Android

distribution of Android: November 2016

almost 2 months after my last publication, the Android Developer site has decided to update the information on the distribution of Android. Marshmallow would now present on 24% of devices, unlike last October when he was on 18.7% of devices. NET progress, certainly, but not what Marvel because this little knowing that it is officially available since some time remains.

android distribution numbers
Marshmallow and Nougat are progressing but there is still a job. © Android Developer

regarding previous versions of Android. KitKat is installed on 25.2% of devices, in other words there are as many users on KitKat on Marshmallow. This is rather funny (or sad, from the point of view) since the two distributions have almost 2 years of difference. Android Lollipop in its version 5.0 represents 11.3%, version 5.1 is 22.8%.

It is important to note the Android Nougat entry in this ranking. Version 7.0 of Android is present on 0.3% of devices, i.e. more than Android 2.2 Froyo (0.1%) but less than Gingerbread (1.3%), which dates from 2010… The manufacturers overlays slow updates and, anyway, all smartphones are unfortunately not intended to see a new Android distribution, mainly the devices entry and mid-range.

Distribution of Android: September 2016

Google has released information on the distribution of the various versions of Android. Marshmallow would now present on 18.7% of devices. This Android version is released in 2015 and was available on the high-end from the beginning of the year 2016, but even today many users are still waiting to see the update happen on their Telephone.comme usual, manufacturers offer updates on the more powerful (and expensive) smartphones and abandon their other users…

Marshmallow distribution
Marshmallow is on 18,7% of the devices. © Android Developer

of course, we also have information about previous versions of Android. KitKat is installed on 27.7% of devices, in other words there are more users of KitKat (Android version of 2014) than on Marshmallow. Lollipop has a percentage of 13.1 for the version 5.0 and 21.9 for version 5.1. 

Despite these huge differences, admittedly still that Marshmallow has come a long way from last month since growth is still 3.5%. 

What version of Android running on your smartphone?

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