DAS: manufacturers lie to us on the airwaves of smartphones!

Do you remember the Volkswagen Dieselgate? We could have also entitled to our scandal in mobile telephony. Indeed, according to a survey of some organizations and experts, the tests conducted by manufacturers to determine the DAS are not reliable. Actual exposure to waves of smartphones would be much greater than that announced by the brands.

das constructeurs mentent

Smartphones are great tools, but the waves they emit can have an impact on our health. It is in any case what considers the who (World Health Organization) who has ranked the spectrum of phones mobile as “possibly carcinogenic for humans” .

For my part the Anses (National Agency for sanitary safety of food, the environment and labour) has estimated following a report of July 2016 as waves have “of the possible effects on cognitive function and well-being” youth.

Official organizations admitted at the moment do not have enough experience on the impact of the waves on the health to give a sharp opinion. However, this does not have to impose certain rules. It is for this reason that when they create their smartphones, manufacturers must perform a series of tests related to the exposure to waves.

This level of exposure is called DAS and builders are forced to note the characteristics of their smartphone. In Europe, regulation of 1999 set the value to not exceed 2 W/kg for the exhibition at the level of the head and trunk and 4 W/kg for members to . If these standards are not met, then the smartphones cannot be placed on the market.

We hear often critics of Chinese smartphones speech highlight this problem of DAS. But if they are placed on the European market, it’s that they have met the standards of exposure to waves. The origin of the models is not really the problem finally.

Health: eventually the waves of our smartphones would well promote cancers!

Tests that have nothing to do with reality

the real problem comes from the conditions of tests carried out by the manufacturers. Several organizations anti-ondes with the help of experts in the field are from show that builders were lying to us . Specifically, it is the whole system of tests which is absolutely not to the point and which is completely far from the reality.

Thus, as reported in the world , manufacturers of smartphones standards well in Europe, but only when the unit is not in contact with the body. Indeed, their terminals are to be certified, the trademarks are laboratory tests. But test conditions are completely distorted.

ondes smartphone mensonge

At the level of the head, it is mandatory to stick the smartphone to the ear for testing, which is done by various manufacturers (it is obligatory). However, for the waves emitted at the level of the body, regulation gives complete freedom to manufacturers as to the distance at which the smartphone is placed. Simply put, brands can place the smartphone to 3 meters (it is deliberately exaggerated) of the user for their tests and say that the DAS is in the nails.

Thus, with the exception of very recent models for which the distance was shortened, this last was about 15 mm with a maximum of 25 mm. But it is precisely these millimetres which raise problems. because they don’t correspond to a real use.

For example a smartphone in the pocket of a shirt, pants or a jacket is virtually glued to the body and is therefore much closer than required by the tests. It is almost in direct contact with the skin. This is also valid when the smartphone is idle since when the user does not call the smartphone is still connected and therefore emits waves.

Waves of our smartphones and tablets Act was passed, here’s what she plans

should we expect a “phonegate”?

These revelations confirm an earlier report from the ANFR (national frequencies Agency) reported in the opinion of the Anses in July 2016. In conducting its own tests, tests that correspond to a real use of the smartphone on a daily basis, ANFR has established that “89% of measured phones had a greater than 2 W/kg and 25% DAS a greater than 4 W/kg DAS ‘ at the level of the body. Some models have even reached a 7 W/kg SAR!

These health risks are real. If who has not yet enough experience to affirm that the waves cause cancer, she did a great step by explaining that they could cause. Waves of smartphones should be taken seriously.

DAS smartphones

Moreover, if manufacturers are reprehensible practices, European regulations need to be reviewed. Obviously, give some confidence to manufacturers is a serious mistake because they rush into the breach of immorality.

These revelations are not reminiscent of the ‘dieselgate’ Volkswagen’s costs. Here again the conditions of tests were involved. It is quite possible that the health risks associated with exposure to the airwaves should be awaken consciences.

Unless, of course, all this falls into oblivion. Consumers moved and outraged by the manufacturing process of a smartphone is remembered both in the African mines (for the minerals necessary for the production of batteries) or the working conditions in Chinese factories.

This is the Cash Investigation show that had highlighted the production of smartphones below . This outrage only lasted so long, one to be moved on the social networks, and of conscience.

Today manufacturers sell more smartphones and the only fair model respecting the environment and the human, Fairphone 2, is far from sell by pallets . Let’s see if having its own health at stake will do respond users.

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