Conference Raspberry Pi at the IUT of Saint-etienne - January 19, 2017

A the invitation of the IUT de Saint-etienne I animated a conference to present the Raspberry Pi students in electronics of the IUT. Were present students of the Department two (electrical engineering and industrial computing), rotating license LR2I ( license networks intelligent Instrumentations), teachers of the ITU as well as some outsiders to the establishment.

in the day I animated the conference then visited the labs of the IUT and the FabLab being created. I propose a summary in pictures.

Hamid teacher two and digital assistant and student life introduces me to the participants.

in the beginning I wondered why everyone was placed at the top of the Amphitheater ( the effect “at the back of the room near the radiator? []”) (19459009]’ 🙂). Then I realized that in this room heat rises (it is physics) and that it was better to be at the top than at the bottom where it was a little more for the duration of the conference fees 😀.

in my presentation, Hamid said that I was a must. The IUT celebrating their 50 years… Well I went to the IUT of Bethune in 1971, shortly after the start, what 😉

it was not prepared, but it allowed me to clarify that if the technical part learned at the IUT more serves me well, however I kept (and I always use) working, learning and communication methods, which are still valid.

teachers and technicians of the ITU also attended the conference.

view of the Indigo Auditorium at the beginning of the Raspberry Pi conference. The audience was very attentive 😉

I presented the Pi 3 Raspberry and Raspberry Pi Zero but also the CM3 (Compute Module 3) which was released a few days before the conference.

after the technical presentation of the Raspberry Pi maps I proposed applications that have been made of this material.

This allows to show that the Raspberry Pi today made its place both in the world of research and in industry or in education.

after the conference, students and teachers have asked the questions that had come them to mind during the presentation.

then it was time for the meal accompanied by exchanges and discussions and closed by this photo of participants 🙂

workshop Robotics

track of the

robotics competition

IUT de Saint-etienne participates annually in the Cup of Robotics of the ITU France organized the IUT de Cachan . This robotics competition ( which the regulation is available online ) has simple and interesting goals:

  • allow as many people as possible to participate, even with a simple robot.

  • make the show with the most successful robots.

  • encourage fairness and friendliness at the meeting.

  • simplify the arbitration of the matches for the jury.

  • ensure fairness between teams.

  • limit collisions between robots.

click to enlarge

outside of the motor plate and battery, the rest of the material is free. The robot must respect a maximum size of 30x40x30cm. It must reach the opposite corner diagonally to where it starts, avoid obstacles and when he arrives on the white area of its corner of destination, he stops and burst the balloon that get past 🙂

I don’t know about you, but from my point of view it is more sensible than the battles of robots right?

the teams can have a tag in the corner of destination to guide their robot.

so I spent a long time in the workshop of the Robotics club. Students were focused on the advancement of their robot project and Raymond and George answer their questions and provide the necessary equipment.

a robot editing. In the foreground a card equipped with sensors to detect arrival on the white area of destination.

the IUT of Saint-etienne finished fourth and fifth contest last year ( with TOAST and K2000 robots ) and already won the prize of the 🙂 Design

If you are interested in the technology of these robots, you can access the sheets of each robot as well as photos ( menu on the left) (: external links ).

go! Chickpea that next year one of the robots will be flown by a Raspberry Pi? ( remember to put a sticker Framboise314 😉)


the FabLab in the IUT of Saint-etienne is being created. The equipment is already used for some students.

this is the case for this 3D printer which should soon receive a neighbor…

the Ultimaker is trying to print a piece for one of the robots…

the FabLab is also equipped with a 3D machine CNC PKI (ISEL France) can be used for machining of wood, plastics, metals light, electronic cards, etc. with a range of accessories for many modes of machining.

a machine to implement CMS (CIF) nearby here with a reflow oven.

other equipment will complement this material later.

a beautiful day Exchange and meetings for which I thank Yoann which is the origin of all cela 🙂 as well as all those who welcomed me and accompanied throughout the day.

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