Buy a used phone: here are the many benefits

you might think that buying a used phone includes a mountain of defects, but I see that qualities. Looking for a good mobile of opportunity can be difficult, and it is to be patient. But there are a number of factors to be taken into account, which will convince you of the virtues of the market opportunity.

good prices

the first reason that drives the purchase of a mobile opportunity is probably the opportunity to make savings. The second-hand market has a very varied offer, to sort carefully in order to not be fooled by the illusion of low prices, which translate into problems for the user.

Before starting, it is always important to check the condition of the target device market.

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bargains await you by the thousands. © ANDROIDPIT

number of smartphone users tend to quickly tire of their devices and change it regularly. This is why it is interesting, in this case to figure, to resell the old terminal in good condition in order to soften the blow of the new mobile.

After one year, the price of a high range mobile can drop by 50%, but this drop easily reached the 75% or 80% on the second-hand market.

The ability to often change mobile

If you invest more in mobile, you will notice changes. First, you stop treating this mobile like a newborn, and be more quiet.

If the investment is less important, you can allow you more often. On the simple condition whether you are careful with your smartphone, to always be able to resell it at a good price on the used market.

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change the smartphone as much as you want. © ANDROIDPIT

it is recommended to invest in a good hull, as well as a screen protector, if you want to sell your mobile (given that scratches and other shocks are largely lower the resale price). It is also advisable to not wait before selling, to not drop the price too.

You back on the device

the first users of a new model are usually the Guinea Pigs of the manufacturer. Sometimes it takes a prolonged use and the feedback of thousands of users to see all the flaws of a smartphone. With one year of seniority, most of the phones have a well-defined list of errors.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S3 10
the S3 Galaxy had a short-lived because of the micro USB port. © ANDROIDPIT

you know the update pace

another advantage of purchasing a mobile of opportunity, it’s that you can know what is the model at the level of updates. So, you know the life expectancy of the software.

For those who like to use custom ROMs, it is also possible to know which ones are available for the model you are interested in. If the model that we bought over 2 years, there is no danger given that the warranty has already expired.

a software of last generation. © ANDROIDPIT

even if the manufacturer has abandoned development and the update of its mobile software, the community is always inclined to provide updates to the latest version of Android and advanced features.

Use socially and ecologically responsible

the inside of our smartphones is composed of a myriad of different metals. Some are common (like aluminum and silica), others like the gold or silver are present in some African countries.

A few years ago, Coltan (Colombite-Tantalite) did mention him. It was a metal in its vast majority in Congo, an area in the civil war for decades. The sale of the ore was (and still allows) to finance the war.

When buying a smartphone of opportunity, you minimize your impact social and environmental, knowing that manufacturers will have to produce a mobile less.

coltan mina
a mine of coltan to Luwowo, near Rubaya (Kivu) / © MONUSCO/Sylvain Liechti

how do you buy your next smartphone?

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