BlackPhone 2: counterfeits made unusable with a patch

Silent Circle, the company responsible for the BlackPhone, decided to make unusable the unofficial versions of its smartphones, with its last update. Silent Circle can preserve its image of company dedicated to security, by removing the market devices which cannot guarantee the reliability.

the story comes to us from Ars Technica writing . BlackPhone is a user of 2 was surprised to see their device bricked after having him up-to-date on SilentOS 3.0.8. He confesses to Ars Technica bought on eBay, in a package that looked like feature for feature of the writing.

up to version 3.0.7 SilentOS, secure operating system could run on an unofficial material. The SilentOS 3.0.8 update however only works on machines sold directly by Silent Circle or by certified distributors.

safety first

this position is proof that Silent Circle takes security very seriously. She didn’t hesitate to get back many users by making them unusable BlackPhone.

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by ensuring that only certified devices can turn SilentOS and access its encryption services, the manufacturer ensures its integrity and can more easily ensure its real clients the security they seek.

watch out for fakes

the user tried to contact the after-sales service, which nicely spurned it in announcing its IMEI does not match that of a real BlackPhone 2. Silent Circle already tried to warn potential customers not to buy their product on eBay.

vice-president Product Management Silent Circle contacted Ars to reaffirm their position. All potential customers, individuals or businesses, should not hesitate to contact Silent Circle to ensure that their future acquisition is well carried out from an authorized reseller.

on BlackPhone 2 is unfortunately always sold at a high price, mainly because there is no real competition. We understand why some have been tempted to save a few euros. If one were to draw a moral to this story, it is that sometimes it is not worth the cost.

Blackphone 2

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