Batteries of smartphones: our 5 tips to extend their life!

The life expectancy of the batteries of smartphones is not eternal, and you gotta treat them with love. Also, we offer 5 tips to extend their durability, and make your phone yours as long as possible.

Some time ago now we asked you what test took precedence according to you during the purchase of your smartphone. The first criterion for you was autonomy. It is true that today ‘ today, it’s kinda the sinews of war. Builders are struggling to find the magic formula to improve this point.

Lithium-ion batteries have limits, and at present no other than this lithium-ion technology exists to replace it. Over time, you know, our batteries deteriorate and more manufacturers do not allow to change the battery yourself, since they are irremovable as is the case for example on the recent Galaxy S6. However, there are methods to extend the life of batteries. Here are our 5 tips in this area.

Several small refills are preferable

it’s always the big question posed by users. Should I expect my battery drops below 20 or 10% to recharge? Or do I have to recharge it as soon as possible?

The ideal is to recharge from time to time in the day your smartphone if you want to extend the life of the battery. For example you can charge 40 to 80 percent or 30 to 70%. Thus, the cells of your batteries will remain in an ideal environment.

recharge smartphone plusieurs fois

complete discharge is to be banned

most users acknowledge, they use their smartphone all day and recharge him once we got home, the evening, or even overnight. Again once, this is not recommended behavior to keep the hit on the duration of your battery.

It is simple, let your battery run completely is to destroy little by little cells that compose it. When you recharge your smartphones, some of them will be unable to function. In the same way, let the smartphone connected several hours to 100% (at night for example) will have the same effect on the cells. So I’ll think about changing your habits 🙂

smartphone decharge complete

between 40 and 50% it’s perfect

you don’t you are never asked to know why when you unpack your smartphone brand new it was between 40 and 50% of battery? It is simply because it is in the ideal range for battery cells are in the best conditions. Of course, you can not always be between 40 and 50%.

We recommend therefore to recharge your smartphone as soon as the battery shows 30% until it reaches 60% . You will have to connect your smartphone several times a day, but it is better that a full charge late in the day.

batterie 40 pourcent

avoid heat

this seems obvious and yet many users tend to push the batteries to their limits. Play for a long time while the smartphone is supported for example tends to overheat the beast. This is obviously a behavior to be avoided if you want to keep your battery the road some time.

In the same way, it is highly recommended that do not leave the smartphone near the places where temperatures . In summer, for example, avoid leaving it in the Sun, he will not retire anyway. Also make sure when you charge to do not leave in an enclosed area and opt for a table or desk.

smartphone batterie surchauffe

the batteries don’t like cold (and have no mittens, they)

smartphone batterie froid

if the batteries do not like warm, they are no longer fond of low temperatures. Ski, winter, a pocket or a bag will do very well. The cold has a tendency, as the hot, destroying cells present in the battery. Needless to say that life takes a hit.

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