Antivirus handed also strongly questioned on computers

the debate on the usefulness of the antivirus is not only the world of Android. Proof is with the last post published by Robert O’Callahan, a former Mozilla engineer (the Publisher of the Firefox Web browser). Man including denounces this business and blames the antivirus their ineffectiveness. Worse, according to him, they weaken the system and would do more harm than good.

“should install antivirus?”. This is one of the most asked questions by PC users. And while it was believed that the answer was in the affirmative, it appears finally that’s not the case. Robert O’Callahan, guy at Mozilla, has indeed delivered very pessimistic feeling on the issue.

he invites users to uninstall their antivirus


he invites users to uninstall their antivirus program except that Microsoft integrates Windows 7/10, namely Windows Defender “in the best of cases, there is insufficient evidence. demonstrating the main antivirus that are not provided by Microsoft to offer a real gain from the point of view of safety They most probably affect the security in a significant way”explains – it.

Cancer with metastases

without saying directly, O’Callahan assimilates the antivirus cancer with metastases. Instead of helping you, they block key functions of the computer, jeopardizing the safety of its users. Engineer cites the case of updates of Firefox expected to provide security patches that are blocked by antivirus. According to him, the problem of the antivirus programs that are poorly programmed and have many bugs. 

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the antivirus on PC debate reminds that on Android. © AndroidPIT

they also accuse the antivirus to represent a powerful lobby with which Microsoft would be forced to cooperate. It gives for example a conversation hosted in a Google Group by the name of “Antivirus Hall of Shame” where the Director of communications of Mozilla, Erica Jostedt, quickly intervened to cut short the discussion, calling it inappropriate because it affected partnerships with these editors.

The ideal solution?

According to Robert O’Callahan, PC users should be content with Windows Defender, which is included free and natively in Windows 7 and 10. They also advise users to constantly update all its software. 

And you, do you use an antivirus program on your computer?

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