Android 7.0 Nougat: a deployment plan for Huawei and Honor on the run

upgrade Huawei devices to Nougat planning a leak. Of after this, Note 8 Honor and Honor 6 X will receive EMUI 5.0 in March in China, while Huawei Nova and G9 Plus will receive the update a month earlier.

a leak released schedule update of Huawei for China. This schedule would give an estimate of the deployment EMUI 5.0, , which you can read my contributions , on some terminals. This document applies only to the Chinese market, but gives an estimate of the level of development of the major update according to the terminals.

Emotion 5.0 UI is still not available on P9 of writing, one month after the date shown on the schedule. We can therefore say that it takes at least one month between the date displayed on the planning and the availability in France.

a credible schedule

Thus, we can see a phone exclusive to the Chinese market available since the end of August on this schedule as the first phone that would benefit from EMUI 5.0 in 2017 is none other than the G9 Huawei, . If all goes as planned, he should receive the update in February. The Huawei Nova , and released in France tested in our columns, should also take advantage of this update in February, at least in China.

Note 8 of Honor, phablet of 6.6 inches, as well as the Honor 6 X ( 8/10 in our test) could both receive EMUI 5.0 in the month of March. If we take into account the offset for a minimum month observed, then it could happen in April, , which is consistent with the announcement of Honor to the these . Finally, the MediaPad M3 would close the market with an update in April.

as it is here that a leak, tweezers are rigorous. We hope, however, that Huawei and Honor will take the time to communicate their estimates for the deployment of Android 5.0 a little more formally. And that the announced dates relate to France rather than China.

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