Advertising arrives on Facebook Messenger

it’s official. Facebook has confirmed the imminent arrival of commercials in my e-mail Messenger application. Starting this week, users of Messenger of some countries will start to see ads. A kind of full-scale test before a likely deployment around the world.

it was inevitable. The bargain was too good for the social network to do not enjoy. Messenger, my e-mail application, which has millions of users, appear so soon the pubs. This advertising is the “fault” of the companies according to Google there are many to recognize the enormous potential to develop their brand awareness.

The ads will be visible in a “Sponsored” (sponsored) space will be added to the window of reminder of birthdays and active users. At the moment, Facebook provides that they will not appear in a conversation unless the user selects the option “Ad experience” on the home page of the application or if he begins a conversation with a brand.

androidpit ads facebook messenger
the arrival of advertising on Messenger is not necessarily good news for users, but it isn’t surprising. © Facebook

to begin with, Facebook began testing its advertisements in two countries: Australia and Thailand. Companies will therefore have the opportunity to place ads on the homescreen of Messenger. It is interesting to note that those who will test these ads will be able to hide and report specific ads by using the pull down menu in their Messenger app.

This isn’t necessarily good news, but it makes sense for Facebook

by Pierre glass

what do you think?

Facebook hopes to receive enough feedback on the part of consumers and businesses who have been selected to participate in the tests to deploy as quickly as possible to all users.

Will you continue to use Facebook Messenger?

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