A Raspberry Pi connector that mounts to the hammer!

you would like to use the Raspberry Pi Zero but it comes without connector, it’s a little annoying.
And then you don’t have a soldering iron ( advice, if you continue to interest you in the RasPi and the Arduino, buy one and learn how to solder 🙂) you do not see how to solder the connector…
Pimoroni has thought of you with this connector without welding.

absolutely no soldering is required to mount this connector! All it takes is a hammer. 

a good shot on the head and the connector is firmly attached to your Pi Zero or HAT expansion card.
If you can’t weld ( actually solder ), or if you do not ( still ) of soldering this clever connector is in place with a hammer. The photo above shows bulges that will block the connector through the holes in the card.

there are male and female version ( but do not expect to reproduction 😉) and pins are equipped with an elastic bulge that just hang in the hole metallic Raspberry Pi or the HAT card. .

the mounting kit includes two pieces of acrylic (above) base on which will rest the Raspberry Pi Zero or the card HAT and two bolts nylon for guidance.

you put up the PiZero on the 2 screws Nylon.

If you insert a female connector on a HAT map, the map is positioned outside support.

then position the top piece in acrylic.

you just to hammer the plate to insert the connector into the holes in the card.

it is highly recommended that the installation template! If you want to try without the kit so good luck! The process is very delicate. Really need that the connector is inserted perpendicular to the card.

the female connectors are easier to insert than the males because you can hit directly on the plastic of the connector, the connectors are particularly difficult to insert without the template.

after, we must be sensible and use a suitable hammer 🙂

not sure Alan @tyrower made the right choice 😉


Neither Pimoroni nor framboise314 we can be held accountable for the damage you cause to your Pi Zero card HAT, the pins of the connector or… your fingers. If you follow the guide carefully there should not be a problem. If this worries you, buy an iron solder instead!

for those who are allergic to the weld (or not equipped) the Pimoroni is an interesting alternative.

If you test this solution, consider making a return on your experience in the comments below…

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