7 live wallpapers amazing that won't kill your battery

wallpapers animated on Android, known sometimes by their English name live wallpapers , represent a nice dynamic content on your tablet or smartphone. Whether free or paid, all those that we present in this article are good and, the icing on the cake, are not too greedy in battery! 


oriental Garden 3D Free

with Oriental Garden, you will switch into a zen universe. This animated wallpaper is a garden all colors and, of course, 3D. We recognize quickly the Japanese style when we see the architecture of this tent, vegetation and the falling water are responsible for the appearance relaxant. You can also choose the night garden in the Pro of Oriental Garden 3D version.

Notice to those who are picky about the use of resources: Oriental Garden was created so as not to excessively consume your battery. 

  • version of the app: 1.12

  • the app size: 18 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 2.2 or more

  • business model: free

Oriental Garden 3D free Install on Google Play

Space Colony

science fiction is your dada? Then Space Colony is an interesting alternative. No more pictures our good old earth, its magnificent blue seas/oceans and its beautiful forests, place in a futuristic world, space ships and the apocalyptic sky.

You are on a colony, but beware it is surrounded by a poisonous aura. Use the accelerometer of your device to move the camera. You can also change the background, the aura, the lighting… and much more.

  • version of the app: 1.4

  • the app size: 7.8 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 2.1 or more

  • business model: paid (€1.49)

Space Colony Install on Google Play

Digital stream Free LWP

this time, we’re leaving in the abstract. This animated wallpaper is nothing really special. You have bricks of two colors that you can pull or push.  Again, there is a free version and a paid version of the application, the latter bringing well obviously more options.

The free version allows you anyway to change the color and add effects such as magnetism. In the premium version. A live wallpaper distracting to use to watch. 

  • version of the app: 1.3.0

  • the app size: 2.1 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 2.1 or more

  • business model: free

Digital stream Free LWP Install on Google Play

Season Zen Free

here us dive into a universe relaxant but , this time is more under the sign of the zen but under the sign of the seasons. Bring the 4 seasons on your device, and all of this of course in HD. Play with the snowmen snow, butterflies, birds and a ton of customizations. The serenity here is also at the center of this sublime Live Wallpaper 3D.

If you choose the paid version, you will have access to more options and accessories.

  • version of the app: 1.5

  • size of the app: 3 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 2.1 or more

  • business model: free

Season Zen HD Install on Google Play

Old Windmill Live Wallpaper

a small windmill that said you? You can change the background, the speed of rotation, the number of leaves in the wind… There is not the possibility to attack them on horseback, so if you have a complex of Don Quixote you can forget. On the other hand, if you like the windmills in all seasons, you should find your happiness.

The application is paid but its price is far from excessive: € 0.96. The version has more updated since January 2012 (However its price has increased last December).

  • version of the app: 1.11

  • size of the app: 1.7 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.0.3 or more

  • business model: free with purchases in the app

Vieux-Moulin – Live Wallpaper Install on Google Play

Tornado 3 Live Wallpaper 3D

earlier we saw zen wallpapers We now have a wallpaper representing nature in action. Here’s a nice tornado at sea, all under a beautiful color effects. Three wallpapers are available, one also involving a hot air balloon caught in the tornado.

  • version of the app: 1.5

  • size of the app: 5.2 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 3.0 or more

  • economic model: completely free

Tornado 3D 3 Live Wallpaper Install on Google Play

My Log Home 3D wallpaper FREE

a little higher in this list I have proposed vegetation, but it is important to also have a cabin. That’s what offers this application: a small house with my fire in the fireplace, to enjoy the calm of nature. I will describe you all the possibilities of change and others because they are extremely numerous. I would simply say that this animated wallpaper is gorgeous, 3D and that if you look good you will find the Atari 3600 cult.

There is a paid version, it allows to develop the potential of the free version under many aspects. You will find on the Play Store at the price of € 2.64.

  • version of the app: 1.08

  • the app size: 38 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 2.2 or more

  • business model: free

My Log Home 3D wallpaper FREE Install on Google Play

do you know of other wallpapers animated worth seeing?


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