6 the most awaited news on smartphones to 2017

2017 smartphones offer their batch of news inside and outside. The first leaks on the more popular models already trace the outline of the more anticipated innovations. We can thus identify the most important trends of the year. That will be essential in the coming months.

smartphones 2017

more power, more autonomy.

snapdragon 835

the 835 Snapdragon which will host the 2017 smartphones isn’t there yet, but we already know what to expect with him. 20% of power and more but with energy efficiency improved by 25%. Improvements we need above all to the burning in 10 nanometers of the chip provided by Samsung. The SD820 already had big improvements in this area, my successor will be in the same line. Enough to hold more than a day to equivalent battery capacity. Hoping, of course, that some manufacturers do not benefit from this gain to decrease the size of the batteries.

Note that the Soc Exynos 8895 Samsung we find alternating with the Snapdragon 835 on board the Galaxy S8 (the markets) should also take advantage of this fineness of engraving in 10 nm and therefore offer similar improvements.

Double sensors photo galore!

doubles capteurs photo

in 2016, they invited themselves everywhere. First LG, then at Huawei and Honor or at Xiaomi to name a few. In 2017, we already know that double photo sensors will be more than ever in the spotlight. The profit they bring in terms of quality is more to demonstrate without forgetting the functionality provided through these systems double camera like the bokeh effects. Double sensors which also allow to simulate optical zoom when the manufacturer uses two cameras, each offering a different focal length.

Next month, Huawei is expected to present a P10 with a double photo sensor certified by Leica and we already know that the Chinese automaker will not only ‘seeing double’ this year.

The increasingly borderless smartphones

ecrans borderless

a few months ago, Xiaomi surprised everyone with a Xiaomi Mi Mix offering a 91.3% screen size ratio. Very soon, this will be around Samsung to offer a Galaxy S8 with screen borderless and it is likely it will not be the only one this year. The borders of the screen should do a thinness among most of the builders. An improvement that will make it possible to offer larger screens in dimensions that will remain reasonable.

Of course, if everyone starts the borderless , it will become increasingly difficult to differentiate between a smartphone of its competitors since they will all provide a similar design on the front.

Artificial intelligence

intelligence artificielle

in may, Google introduced Google Wizard, an intelligent assistant that we find now on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, unfortunately not available in France. For its part, Samsung who now has Viv Labs should propose its own assistant smart on its S8 Galaxy . And they are far from the only two interested parties. Nokia which just made my comeback in the market would also prepare an assistant virtual house for its future high-end Android.

Curved screens

ecrans incurves

whether you like or not, you will not be able to escape. If, in 2015, Samsung was the only manufacturer to offer curved screens, last year, the dual Edge slabs are invited at Xiaomi, Vivo or Huawei. This year, more than ever, these screens will become an indispensable standard.

Just as was the case of the Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S8 is likely released only in curved version but it is not the only one. The high-end HTC 2017 would put him also featured a screen dual edge and the Huawei P10 would be entitled to its curved variant .

At least 6 GB of RAM on the high-end

oneplus 3 ram

last year, most Chinese companies went up to offer 6 GB of RAM on their flagships. An impressive amount that allowed them to shine during several months on AnTuTu rankings. This year, all international manufacturers should do, the 6 GB of RAM should become the new standard for high-end, a bare minimum even as Samsung is expected to climb up to 8 GB with its Galaxy of S8 and he will probably not the only one.

We still wonder however what is the point to have a large quantity of RAM.

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