5 stories on Parrot you know maybe not

you have probably ever heard of Parrot, a company whose name is closely related to the concept of drones. If she is now famous, yet it is unlikely that you know all the anecdotes at my subject. We present a few of them below.

a name and a logo unusual

contrary to what you may believe, mind crowing arrives to make a name in the high-tech and Parrot illustrates it pretty well. The company was founded in 1994 and, over time, has managed to become one of the biggest players in technology of connected objects, such as drones.

If the company is French, why choose an English name? In the language of our friends across the channel (and), “Parrot” means “Parrot”, which is a curious choice for a technology company. Originally, we could see a psittacine next to the brand name, but there is now more than just the name of the brand logo. Having like logo, the name of the company in black writing on white background is a fairly original solution by its lack of originality.

AndroidPIT parrot drone air land
“Parrot” makes flying machines. © ANDROIDPIT

a business sector varied

you most likely know the Parrot company for its drones, since it is the sector in which it is the most famous. By buying other companies, she has earned their know-how in order to optimize its technology (and its returns): we can mention, for example, obtaining a majority of the capital of the manufacturer of drones senseFly in 2012.

However, Parrot does not only of the drone technology, although this is its main activity. The company is specialised in electronics, particularly in connected devices, which allows a range of product quite broad, ranging from music to gardening tools, through the kits for the car.  

Decline in popularity and limitations of staff

the president of Parrot had predicted a tough year for manufacturers of drones. Unfortunately for him, he was right, and my company is itself suffering consequences. In 2015, the turnover was 326 million euros. In 2016, the turnover was 259 million. In 2017, the CA of the 4th semester has not reached the objectives set (100 million) and tops out at 85 million.

Why? Some bad decisions here and there, associated with competition that weighed heavy on the balance, particularly that of DJI but also that of Xiaomi . The drone becomes fashionable, so the number of competitors. Like Darwin, only those who will best adapt will do.

Opinion by Benoit Pepicq

Parrot will have to cling to deal with its competitors

what do you think?

Parrot Pot: the pot of flowers in 2.0

among other products, Parrot leaned on an interesting concept: a flowerpot that itself takes care of the plant. It is apparently quite classic, it contains several sensors designed to detect when it is necessary to water it. Watering is done automatically (insofar as you have filled the water supply, of course).

The usefulness of this technology is questionable, at least in the context of the unique flower pot. In the case of an interview on a large scale (e.g. in agriculture), this could have for the future.

Famous representatives

in 2012, Parrot was chosen as the Ambassador for my helmet Zik Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife (who also gave way to François Holland at the Elysée Palace in that year). In 2014, the French company has opted for a personality who, at the time, was in tune with the times: Conchita Wurst. “A singular Muse for a single headset of its kind”, wrote Parrot at the time on my blog .

you already bought a Parrot product? What is your feeling up to now?

Parrot will have to cling to deal with its competitors

what do you think?

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  1. The companies use different names for every drone model because they think that when the models go viral, the people will search out the drone and order from his company.


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