4G Box: why Bouygues Telecom is going to crash Free, Orange and SFR

with its 4G Box just announced, Bouygues Telecom just hit a great shot. The operator, which has had a hectic 2016 year start, returned a year later with a product which is expected to attract more than one. 4G Box allows users to connect to a 4G network offering fiber close rates in areas where ADSL and high throughput are unavailable. What crush Free, Orange and SFR.

4g box bouygues telecom

Bouygues Telecom starts the year 2017 under the best Hospice. The operator who failed to marry Orange a year ago, ended its way independently. And we want to say that he has done well. Because the proposal made by the operator today is the most attractive.

With its 4 G Box, Bouygues Telecom made a unique proposal on the French market: a box that is able to connect to the 4G network in areas where ADSL and fiber are absent, or offer very low rates. The operator associated with the Chinese giant Huawei to create this box capable of supporting 32 connected wireless devices.

This unique offering of its kind speeds up things on the fixed offer. Because to date, the fiber deployment is idling , and very broadband isn’t much faster. Using this method, Bouygues Telecom takes a different path, a sort of workaround, but right. 4G Box should do the happiness of millions of french. Since Bouygues has a very extensive 4G network.

High speed: the France is very late

Bouygues Telecom is certainly the operator with the worst very broadband strategy. my ADSL offer is based on the Orange network (like everyone else) and Bouygues has very little developed its fiber network. Its fiber box is actually the same box than that proposed by Numericable in my time.

Bouygues also operates predominantly cable network to offer fiber FFTLA of SFR-Numericable. Suffice to say that until now, Bouygues Telecom couldn’t really win as a serious competitor in the field of high-speed fixed.

What is the situation today in this market? Orange develops its fiber at great speed, to such point that Arcep asks him to slow down . SFR for its part put on its cable network and Free has favored the mobile market and deployment of 4G rather than the fiber. We find ourselves so in France with some delay on the very high speed.

france nulle fixe haut debit

how Bouygues Telecom, clearly behind its competitors could pull out of the game? Certainly not by deploying its fiber on its own network, it’s too costly and too long. Remember that the operator almost got married the year last with Orange to notably find better financial health.

Bouygues Telecom has logically focused on its forces for a place among the competitors. And the great strength of Bouygues Telecom, is its 4G network.

4G deployment: Bouygues always in mind, SFR move finally

Bouygues Telecom covers 85% of the population in 4G

if the high speed is not developed rapidly in France and we accumulate a delay, it is because operators have concentrated their efforts on the 4G. The decline in subscriptions, as a result of the price war between Free, SFR, Orange and Bouygues, did not allow operators to invest at all levels.

So the mobile is now at the heart of our concerns, the 4G was preferred. On this ground, Bouygues Telecom comes out perfectly since it offers the best second coverage of the population, or 85% just behind Orange. And it is thanks to this coverage that the operator intends to hit hard with its 4 G Box.

Since Bouygues Telecom is far from offering rates similar to those offered by its 4 G. As a reminder, the 4G Box will provide a theoretical throughput of 115 Mb/s in download and 38 Mb/s in upload. that are five times higher than ADSL rates. Only problem, these rates vary according to the number of people connected. But the opening of the offer as and when should allow Bouygues Telecom to anticipate problems.

4g box

strategically, Bouygues Telecom was very clever. By launching its 4G Box he limits its investments since it already has the infrastructure necessary (its 4G antennas already exist). The manufacturing cost of the box made in Huawei is a grain of sand compared to what would have cost the deployment of a fiber network. The icing on the cake, is a quick project to implement and especially unique in France.

This is the great strength of the 4G Box: no other operators offering such . And whether we at Orange, Free or SFR, if the flow in ADSL is limit at one it will be the other since all operate the lines of Orange. Only Bouygues therefore offers an alternative to very high speed.

It’s a true stroke of genius of the operator who spends little, who offers an attractive and accessible to all, that offers something very popular (many complain about the fact that the very high speed is not more widespread in 2017), and unique.

An offer to 30 euros per month, without the TV. So what?

Of course, the offer of Bouygues Telecom is not perfect in the eyes of all. Critics believe that the subscription price is high: 29.99 euros + 3 euros for box rental, for a total of 32.99 euros. This is more or less what the competition offers but not for the same offer.

box 4g bouygues

for these awards, we got an offer triple play for some operators, i.e. internet, phone and TV. With the 4 G Box, we do not have right to TV (on the phone we are not safe and are waiting for more information from the operator).

But even if there is no phone or TV, this isn’t really a problem. First because ‘ it is quite possible to watch TV without needing a TV box. Today, the box Android TV as the Shield TV Nvidia offer much more interesting than the TV box solutions. They are true gems of technology and this is not our dear Maxime who say otherwise.

The Shield TV Nvidia 2017 is the same as in 2015, and it is perfect like this

but even without acquiring such a product, it is quite possible to watch TV on their PC, smartphone or Tablet and send the picture to your TV. The Molotov application example is definitely the best to provide a unique TV experience. Not to mention that more and more users watch very little TV and focus on services such as Netflix, SCO or channel Play. As for the fixed telephone, he was abandoned by many for a long time.

So yes, the price may seem a bit high for an offer does not include the TV, but it is also the price to pay to have the very high speed and benefit from a unique product. And then 30 euros per month for unlimited internet isn’t death either.

Free, SFR and Orange can shake

this new 4G Box of Bouygues Telecom makes as much, if not for nothing. Technologically, the operator offers something unique, a proposal that already exists elsewhere in Europe, but that isn’t available in France than at home. Free, Orange and SFR have a sacred late train against their rival who is offered the possibility to attract 7 million users in 2017 and 10 million in 2018.

Because these 10 million potential subscribers are left out of the broadband . And Bouygues Telecom fly to their rescue with its 4G Box. Remains to be seen what customers will be eligible and how will take place the first months on the market.

The new decoder of SFR will go unnoticed as a result of this unique offer on the market, and Free a rather very strong interest to do with its new box. Because clearly, Bouygues Telecom has won the hearts of many users announcing its 4G Box. It’s a significant development on the market of the box and an important step in the deployment of the broadband in France. And just for that, they say ‘thank you Bouygues Telecom!’ .

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