3 things to know if your smartphone will age well

time goes, and no one does escape its grip. Smartphones are not an exception. These mobiles are equipped with impressive, slightly more powerful technology every time, but it will deteriorate with time. All terminals are however not aging at the same speed: some can last 5 years and work as on the first day, while others will be already old after a few months. Want to know what will determine the good aging of your smartphone? So keep reading this article!

1. Development community

this is perhaps the most important aspect. Everyone knows that the support of smartphones is limited, in the best case, to two years (and many devices do not reach them). Support is crucial to our smartphones, each new update bringing a lot of improvements for the performance of Android while offering new features for our daily use.

Some manufacturers have so many smartphones on the market that updates do not follow, or arrive very late. And it is here that the power of the developers and the Roma community makes sense.

Most developers will be interested in your smartphone, better it will age, even if the manufacturer ceases to bear officially. In this area, Samsung mobiles are a good example of a large developer community.

To rejuvenate our terminals with a MOD, it is unfortunately necessary to the rooter. In some cases, it is possible to rejuvenate an old phone by turning it into a music player, occasional smartphone or storage medium for emergency cases.

2. the battery

without battery, a smartphone has no reason to be. When we buy a terminal, one of the things that should be kept in mind is its autonomy according to the use that we make. Best is the battery, best is autonomy. It is a common place, but it may be useful to remind.

A current battery can support approximately 800 charge cycles before losing its capacity, due to the deterioration of its chemical components. Some batteries, such as the LG G2 can last more cycles, and studies are conducted to get batteries that load in a minute. Sony also claims to be able to improve 40% the expected lifetime of the batteries, but we should not see this new technology hit the market before 2020.

ANDROIDPIT battery 3
battery is critically important for the aging of our devices. © ANDROIDPIT

if we want a smartphone which battery lasts longer (in terms of charge cycles), it is best to load it as infrequently as possible. More capacity in mAh battery is high, less you will need to charge it often (in theory). The arrival of Marshmallow and Doze mode helped to increase the autonomy of our devices, but it is in any case necessary to be well informed on the battery before making the purchase of a smartphone.

3. the quality of components

the latter depends solely on manufacturers. When we talk about quality of the components, it’s not just technical features (that must nevertheless take into account), but also the quality of the materials used by the manufacturer and their future deterioration.

One of the elements to be taken into account is the RAM memory. She is in charge of managing background tasks, so that more your mobile has RAM, more it will manage concurrent tasks. Contrary to what one might think, the RAM is made to be occupied entirely, that’s why applications for release are not very useful.

However, the important thing isn’t the amount of RAM, but its potential. DDR4 RAM memories are currently the fastest, and a mobile with 3 GB DDR4 will be faster than a terminal with 3 GB of DDR3. Tasks the more exciting so less soliciting your smartphone, boosting her lifecycle.

samsung galaxy s6 edge plus vs s6 edge front
more the quality of the components of your phone, the longer it will last in time. © ANDROIDPIT

do not be fooled by the numbers: we often see phones with 3 GB of RAM less than €200, but it is not such a good deal if the on-board memory is DDR2.

However, moving away from the RAM for we focus on other components required for the functioning of a mobile. Elements such as the processor or the (voice, data, WiFi) antennas are essential to ensure the sustainability of a smartphone. Mediatek processors were before the worst of the market, but there are now rather decent. The difference with the Qualcomm components is even less notable.

As for the antennas that allow a smartphone to communicate with the world, they are of great importance. Some users of the Huawei last generation can claim to have one of the best on the market.

Bonus: the user

we could not finish this article without mentioning the user, which is probably the lead responsibility for the lifetime of a smartphone. Someone who downloads all suspicious applications will and will be fees: the life expectancy of the device can be directly affected by certain apps (which for example increase the CPU frequency and cause of overheating).

smartphone hero jessica
user is a basic data for the aging of a Smartphone. © ANDROIDPIT

someone who takes care of my smartphone and in fact reasonable use (all using the root and the Roma of sparingly) can largely multiply the life expectancy of its terminal.

What is your smartphone, and how long did you? Do you think it will last longer than the average?

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