2017 Nvidia Shield TV stays the same until 2015, and it is perfect like this

when the CES 2017, Nvidia took advantage of my conference to unveil its new version of the Shield TV. A conference that was not without innovations, except that they were not hardware: the device remains the same as the model released in 2015. Some leap of joy when many are disappointed by this announcement, considered to be little innovative. This is why the situation is so perfect.

Nvidia Shield TV 2017

the CES 2017 swing full this week, the show is now open for anyone who would survey the room looking for the best innovations. DNA of it makes however it carries much more on TV and home automation than smartphones.

That does not of course to announce products in connection with the Android ecosystem. So yesterday morning Nvidia conference took place for reveal the new Nvidia Shield of 2017 .

An announcement that in has excited many, but also left wary of many readers. It would lack innovation, and wouldn’t be in the end a product boring. But in the current context, it seems whether it is the best solution for Nvidia. Explain.

The Shield TV 2017 is 2 years back

Nvidia Shield TV 2015

the Builder became founder announced this new version with great fanfare, highlighting its 4K and HDR capabilities before anything else. The controller of the Shield has also undergone a good welcome slimming cure, while its basic package now includes the remote office.

It is really nice, and very pleasant to the ear to hear as sweet as ‘4 K HDR’ words, but what fails to specify the manufacturer is that the first model of Shield, released in 2015 , already proposed exactly this.

When you start to compare the technical data sheets of the first and the last model, we realize so quickly that it is ultimately the exact same model, which suffered no change. Even the aesthetics of the Android TV box has not a single second was retouched.

Everything has not changed one iota, the processor is always the Tegra X 1, the connectors are the same… in short, Nvidia has just announced a re-release pomp of a 2 years old product.

However, a few differences are noted. The new Shield TV is 40% smaller than the previous model, while the controller now connects with Bluetooth and becomes compatible PC and smartphone in the same time. The new remote listen also permanently to be used in conjunction with Google Assistant .

The Shield Pro is completely unchanged, maintaining even the chassis of the previous model. It’s basically everything, which does not justify such a keen interest on the part of Nvidia.

Innovations are software

Molotov Shield TV

the real innovations presented by Nvidia at this conference indeed were all software. It should be noted first of all the arrival of the application Amazon Premium Video, released VOD service in France there is little which finally took my first steps on Android TV through the Shield program.

It’s hard to bet that this application will be preinstalled Office to justify this temporary exclusivity, as well in addition to the application Steam that will use the product as a Steam Link sold by Valve in order to play its games on its local streaming TV.

A feature that already existed, but was limited to owners of GeForce graphics card. The appearance of this Steam application simply means that all computers will now be compatible, even those using a graphic chipset integrated to play efficient games.

The French branch also made a surprise by announcing the release of the Android version Molotov TV exclusively on TV Shield TV. A partnership that we suspect also temporary, but that reinforces the interest of the platform.

Cloud gaming GeForce Now service also seems to take the next step as it will soon allow streaming of 4K HDR game. Evolution has been demonstrated on PC and Mac with Rise of the Tomb Raider, but it would be surprising that the Shield TV does not also benefit.

Small community will become large

nvidia shield interface android tv

one wonders then if Nvidia would not have taken the party to simply book all these good things to new buyers, leaving the current Shield TV owners decide whether to renew and recover pennies on their backs in passing.

This is definitely not the case, on the contrary: the Android 7.0 Nougat update, software exclusives and the rest of the features presented by the manufacturer will be released also on the 2015 model January 16, or the release date of the new device.

Of course, the new controller and the new remote will be also compatible with the previous model. In short, nothing changes… and for the better!

Admittedly, the community Android TV, and particularly Shield TV, remains on the sidelines. No doubt the quality of the product, but its virtues have not yet truly conquered the public. With this new version, so close to the former, the purpose of Nvidia is not to innovate but to establish its product as the best solution Android TV .

The price of being ahead of its time

Xiaomi Mi box

and let it be said: since its release in 2015, it has had no one model can compete with the Shield TV, which upon its release bore absolutely everything the market had in mind for the next 2 years. Arrived in 2017, can we really say that we needed a Shield TV supporting the 8K for example?

4K content aren’t even still there , analogous to the release of the product in 2015. Its Tegra SoC X 1 still struggling to show the slightest drop of sweat on the content offered in 2017. The lightness of the OS Android TV does not fill one second the 3 GB of RAM of the device.

In short, the Nvidia Shield TV out in 2015 was ahead of its time. This re-release in 2017 did agree at its time, whereas the general public has now the advantage of Netflix subscriptions and others in the face of conventional television.

This is especially true the generations who grew up directly in the digital era begin to access employment, people who will be investing in this type of product in the future. Shield TV sales or other can only go by increasing, what the brand is probably aware.

Renew the Shield TV is not interest to innovate but to remain present in a market whose potential is not to prove. It’s a bet on the future that Nvidia has already filled with the 2015 version, and don’t give up with this new version.

Google should be more responsive

Android TV PiP

, progress that Nvidia has not innovated can quickly be seen as nonsense. my chip Tegra X 1 will integrate the next Nintendo console, Nintendo Switch , so my power is not to demonstrate. The biggest problems of its previous Shield are not inherent in a lack of innovation on its part, but the limitations of my system.

The greatest problem of Android TV is Android TV. The fledgling OS does not support that could give Google, putting a lot of time to incorporate features which yet seem obvious for the media.

We’ll think of the picture-in-picture, that many devices already have built for years while it took Android 7.0 Nougat to see appear on the OS dedicated to TVs. The presence of a single Google account required also prevents him from being a real product in the center of a digital home.

All this will change with the next update of the Shield TV, which will also integrate Google Wizard (in the US at the moment because not translated in french) to improve its capabilities of speech recognition and research on the system.

The future is a service and not a good

nvidia Shield TV applications

it belongs to Google first and foremost to address grievances that the platform is undergoing. Se, Nvidia did that add again and again for operationionnalites expected by those using it, and improve the services which he sees as the future of its brand.

We can actually argue that the manufacturer doesn’t innovate, but is to miss the software improvements it offers. However, it becomes absurd to just watch the material in 2017 to judge an innovation.

The whole market is focusing on the service. Windows 10 became free when the french of Shadow show that we didn’t need to invest thousands of dollars to enjoy a powerful computer at home.

And on this, Nvidia and its GeForce Now service is one of the pioneers. The new Shield TV represents the best of the local streaming, , integrating a Plex Server and the Steam Link now.

On media consumption, it is also one of the few to benefit from the best current services and provide them in their best shape like Netflix in 4K HDR.

In sum, Nvidia has done the best possible choice for its Shield TV this year: continue to build its user base, without alienating those already convinced by its platform to push still higher and further services.

Innovating for innovation would have been nothing in this transitional context, and the company had the sagacity to acknowledge it and bring together in a single device offers the most important for the future of digital consumption.

Testimony: the Nvidia Shield TV is the best thing that ever happened to my living room

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