Zuk Edge, OnePlus 3 T: Yes, a less than 500 euros high-end smartphone that is possible in 2016!

Lenovo unveiled December 21, 2016 my Edge Zuk. In announcing this product, the Chinese giant confirmed that in 2016, it was not necessary to pay fortunes to afford a high-end smartphone. A model less than 500 euros it’s possible! OnePlus had already shown the way with its OnePlus 3 T. Samsung, Apple and others have anything to worry about.

zuk edge borderless

beautiful and powerful

which has long distinguished the cheaper competitors high-end smartphones, it was the quality of the design but also and above all the technical product sheets. A few years ago, between 400 euros a product and a product with more than 500 euros, there was no photo. Today, it is much less true.

Chinese manufacturers have gone through here and were able to offer unbeatable products at the quality-price ratio. So, it is quite possible to see today proposed less than 500 euros terminals that have nothing to envy to the newest Samsung or Apple.

This is the case the OnePlus 3 T and the Zuk Edge that incorporate the latest technology that rival the best in the market quite. For example, both smartphones include the last processor from Qualcomm, Snapdragon 821. Both models offer also 6 GB of RAM, a comfortable battery or sensors quality photos.

oneplus 3t

and no, the new Chinese smartphones aren’t vulgar copies in plastics in terms of design. OnePlus made the choice of aluminium for its OnePlus 3 T and is quite successful. The brushed aluminium effect is very successful, all is pretty well balanced and pleasant to handle. In fact, to use there no difference between a OnePlus 3 T and a competitor product sold twice more expensive.

This is also the case of the Zuk Edge that made my side the bet of the glass . Here again, the end result is really successful. And the screen is particularly well integrated because it occupies about 84% of the face before of the smartphone. Not borderless as the Xiaomi Mi Mix , but almost.

Affordable prices on the high end, it’s possible!

For some time, manufacturers seem to think that “high-end” rhymes with inaccessible . But for a consumer product like the smartphone making the bet to push the limits of the inaccessible can lead to no longer sell Terminal at all.

Apple has a shot with my iPhone, he ended up breaking the teeth in 2016. Throughout the year, sales figures did that fall . The brand sells still a lot, but less than before. First, because there is more competition, it offers alternatives to the iPhone of high quality, and above all it shows the public that it is quite possible to buy the high end without breaking the Bank.

The 3T OnePlus costs less than 500 euros in our region. Zuk Edge is announced less than 400 euros in China. If he landed in France, must be here still expect less than 500 euros. In front, Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony or Apple offer smartphones to completely surreal prices, oscillating between 700 and more than 1000 euros depending on the storage capacity.

honor 8 alternative iphone 7

shell out the equivalent of a minimum wage in a smartphone, users start getting tired. And it is normal. Of course, manufacturers are there to create wealth and inflate their results, but the strategies put in place are far from unanimous. Evidence, HTC or Sony continue on this path even if their mobile divisions are on the precipice.

The pill no longer passes. Users are informed and know that 800 euros for a high-end smartphone is much too . Since a few months after marketing, Smartphone see their rates plummet by half. Therefore, although the starting value is largely overestimated.

How smartphones less than 300 killed the high end

Samsung, Apple, and others the excuse of the R & D spend more

this or that brand advocates will highlight the fact that the giants of the sector spend much money R & D. no more than another at double the price of a smartphone. L enovo, OnePlus, Honor or Xiaomi also investing in R & D . There is also a need for research is enormous for developing a fingerprint sensor or a design like that of the Honor 8 . It takes research to propose a Xiaomi Mi Mix to the unheard of size-screen ratio.

What consumers pay, these aren’t the efforts made in terms of R & D, are the millions of dollars spent in marketing by some brands to make believe that they are the only ones to offer innovative technologies.

In any good company we tell you that the know-how is essential, but that know-how is even more. Apple and Samsung have understood. The iPhone is not the best, the Galaxy Sx are not the best, but the two giants do believe the general public as they are.

Honor 8 vs Galaxy S7 vs OnePlus 3 lequel à le meilleur lecteur d'empreintes

what do not see most of the buyers, it’s that the 300 or 400 extra euros they pay when they buy an iPhone or a competing model in the same price range, they pay to finance exorbitant marketing campaigns of the giants of the sector. Not because their product will be better. But in the minds of all, when you pay more, it’s always better . Finally almost all.

Honor 8 VS iPhone 7 more: the duel of the double camera bokeh fashionable

more limited Service, not available everywhere, but is it really important?

There are some differences between the models sold nearly 1000 euros and sold less than 500 euros. But in the background are really important? Apple fans for example boast of the customer Service of the company. It is true that this service is impeccable at Apple and widely ahead of competitors. But it absolutely does not justify to him only such a discrepancy in price.

Other critics of smartphones to the good quality-price ratio will highlight the fact that they are not available everywhere. No it’s true, they are not available from operators for example most of the time.

But today nearly 60% of users are no longer buying their smartphones with the operator , they buy it naked, and often on the internet, precisely chosen channel by Chinese manufacturers who have understood that this allowed them to contain costs still further. And today, buy online is largely entered in customs.

Honor 8 VS iPhone 7 more: the duel of the double camera bokeh fashionable

, the ultimate argument is tracking updates . These brands that offer affordable smartphones would absolutely not follow the field of updates. Let it be said, on Android today no constructor is the height . Time to see the update and users will have already changed from smartphone. Updates this is a false problem, especially when you see the pace at which the consumer changing Smartphone. Every 18 months on average.

zuk edge appareil photo

today ‘ today, it is clearly difficult to find real brakes with the purchase of a smartphone like the OnePlus 3 T or Zuk Edge. Technically and from a design point of view, they are clearly to the height. They simply suffer from this image of Chinese counterfeit that stick them to the skin and a lack of visibility to the general public. But just try once a smartphone of its kind to realize that the giants of the sector abuse without restraint.

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