With this application, you will be able to save lives

it was nice repeat us the importance, many of us still ignore the first acts of medical emergency. Everyone does not unfortunately have first aid training. That’s why the Red Cross had the good idea to launch its application called simply “The app that saves”. Of course, it is free.

your smartphone can help you save lives. This may seem silly at first glance but it is what the Red Cross is trying to get across with its application. It is true that in our daily life we don’t often face in cases of medical emergency, but when this happens there is nothing worse than feeling totally helpless. 

“The app that saves” is one of the ways to learn the first reflexes. Its interface is very intuitive. For more readability and precision, the app is divided into four categories:

  • learn : this section allows to know the right things to have in a critical situation (burn, charleur, circulatory distress, seizure…). For each problem, a summary and a video explains the good reflexes. 

  • prepare : this section explains how to behave in the event of exceptional situation such as a fire, a landslide, a terrorist attack. 

androidpit FR croix rouge urgencejpg
always good to take advice. © AndroidPIT
  • urgent: this part gives the first actions to carry out in an emergency. She joined a little the first section

  • Tests: this section allows you to test what you’ve learned through a quiz.

androidpit FR croix rouge test
the app also lets you test your knowledge. © AndroidPIT

the “App” application that saves will ever provide to first aid training but she at least the advantage of familiar you with the topic. With this in mind, I could only strongly advise you to use it beforehand and not only an accident. Often, in a panic, we have to hurry and do mistakes. Other applications also exist on the Play Store like Staying Alive. If the topic interests you, feel free to download and more.

Staying Alive Install on Google Play

even those who are

the app that saves: Red Cross Install on Google Play
  • tested Version: 2.0

  • file size: 26.6 MB

  • compatibility: from 4.1 Android

  • business model: free

ersion tested

an application, however, can never replace first aid training

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