Why you don't need a bigger phone

smartphones have become too big. Each year, the phones are getting bigger, but not the hands of the users. At this rate, we’ll use big smartphones houses within 10 years. It’s crazy. But do we really need more great phones?

your pockets are too small

I got a Huawei Mate 9 in my pocket during a recent test. For those who ignore it it is phablet with a 5.5 inch screen. If you’ve never used it, know that one-handed use is not an option for most of the owners of this phone, even with big paws.

It is also impossible to sit with the Mate 9 in the Pocket. Even better: when I put my kid brother, P9, in my pocket, guess what happened when I tried to sit? Split my pants pocket. What we now consider a medium-sized phone is, for some of us, far too big. Either our pockets need to grow up, or phones should shrink in size.

androidpit android phone pocket
your pockets might be too small for a bigger phone. © ANDROIDPIT

your hands are too small

the products are made for humans. Most of these products are designed to be used with the hands. Expected good books, scissors, door handles and flywheels, be they of a certain size. Scissors become larger each year.

the scissors become larger each year, so why this is the case for phones?

So, why the phones never stop growing? Humans turn into Giants? While waiting for the builders to hear the message, we have to accept that our hands are simply not enough big to handle ever larger smartphones.

androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 34
If you need a stylus, this phone is maybe too big. © ANDROIDPIT

your face is too small

Let’s face it: each phone released after the Galaxy S (4 inches) was too big to comfortably make telephone calls. Not too big to actually call someone, but rather too big to make calls and do not look like someone who plays hide-and-seek with my smartphone. Make calls with a smartphone appeared once as cool but now it seems that we will soon be able to use smartphones that affect our ears and our lips at the same time.

make calls with a smartphone formerly appeared as cool

your face is too small for that big phones. There is a reason we use, in our daily communications, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and email. Many phones are simply too large to place them against our face.

Many phones are simply too large to place them against our face

what do you think?

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sony xperia z4 tablet as phone de
your face is too small for even bigger phones. © ANDROIDPIT

think to reduce the size of

you should buy a bigger phone whenever you change? It is something to take into account in your purchase decisions. Think about the size and imagine, if you’re mobile contract, that will represent this smartphone in your pocket for two years.

A smartphone as the Pixel, which has solid specifications, is only 5 inches. Or even the Xperia XA Compact is 4.6 inches. For me, these are perfect sizes. But perhaps you prefer a phablette… But I invite you to think about whether you really need a bigger phone.

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what is your optimal size of the phone? Let know us in the comments.

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