Why users are resistance to swap their Galaxy Note7

analyses in the United States showed that Galaxy Note7 is still more widely used than the LG V20 and OnePlus 3 T combined. In Europe, 90% of devices have already been returned, but there are still 10% of users who seem to want to make resistance. And unfortunately for Samsung, he appears more complicated to convince them. Why is that?

more than two and a half months after the decision to recall from Samsung, there are still a significant number of Galaxy Note7 still in circulation. Apteligent watch statistics as well as the smartphone is still one of the most popular among the novelties introduced to the market during the second half of the year 2016.

apteligen note7
the number of Galaxy Note7 still active is still very important. © aptelligent

apparently, Samsung could not convince users to proceed with the removal of the terminal. In France, despite the possibility of a refund of your device or to have it replaced by a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge (with compensation calculated as provided by the dealer), there are still many refractory. 

We must admit that the offer is not very tempting. Compensation between the price of the S7 edge and the Note7 is not necessarily always to the advantage of the customer. Worse, Samsung has more than balbutie in its communication. Some users have experienced difficulties with their operator. The customer service on the phone also sometimes seemed confused. 

The other explanation is due to the fact that it’s the second recall of the Galaxy Note7. The frustration of users is more than understandable. Those who had already carried out the first reminder must still undergo a new reminder. A double punishment in kind.

Finally, it must add to these problems the problems with operators. Some users have indeed signed up to receive a Note7 cheaply. Difficult in such cases to completely repair the injury. 

iphone 7 exploding 02
Unfortunately, the Note7 is a dangeurex smartphone. © 7 News

Samsung has a dual responsibility to

on the one hand, Galaxy Note7 is a potentially dangerous smartphone and it is therefore quite logical that it is essential to return it to avoid any new incident. Other hand, the Galaxy Note7 was bait for many operators and Samsung must now assume the breach of these contracts.

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we will try to recover as many questions to submit to Samsung and their answers. For example, what to do when its operator does not facilitate the return or when the appliance was bought abroad? Don’t hesitate not so not submit questions in the comments and tell us your experiences if you are affected by the problem.

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