Why illegally downloading paid applications is to be avoided absolutely

we’re not here to judge you, far from it. Even worse: we understand you. We also had to fake out the system from time to time in order to gain what we want, because of lack of money or simply lack of solutions. However, download illegally a paid app on Android is to be avoided anyway, and we explain why.

smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, that find it us impossible to separate us. Socially, and particularly for young people, it is well unthinkable now do not have the fashionable mail app to chat with friends or social network to share my thoughts and desires.

What is more, they are also rooted in our entertainment habits. The best Android games with us while we are in a waiting room, while the best YouTube videos go hand to hand and laugh our loved ones.

Yet after spent hundreds of dollars on a smartphone , it is often difficult to check on the Store out once again. It is quite understandable, but is no less dangerous for you. Here’s why.

Escape from the Play Store

you are a minor and do not have what offer you the applications and games that you like? You are unemployed but have definitely need a particular tool on your smartphone? Or quite simply, the purchase of your smartphone, or my crime partner, drain you enough so that you don’t have more €5 to spend in any given application?

Honestly, we don’t judge you. We have all been in this situation before, even did not have the urge to give a penny for a seeming at first very basic application.

Problem being that the alternative application stores, or online APK, are a nest of virus. Although these may push for greater security, they have not the human and financial resources to push security as much as the Play Store can do.

We have told you over and over again for the security of your smartphone : do not enable installation of unknown sources unless full trust in your source. However, fake Play Store necessarily requires to activate this feature.

malware ghost push

give the keys to a stranger

you should be aware of one thing however: by doing this, particularly by installing an alternative app store, you give your smartphone keys to a stranger. Enable unknown sources, is to enable editing of your smartphone by sources that you don’t know.

However, applications downloaded on alternative stores or on the net are rarely checked. It is thanks to this that hackers take control of your smartphone: you click on install, thinking that acquire the application you were looking for, but it’s already pockmarked with another threat.

Viruses are not intended to be visible, and that’s why you don’t you realize often not of their presence. But they can in turn to push more ads on your smartphone, record the lesser of your doings (and even your bank account information), or even take you hostage your device as part of Ransomware .

Hackers are smart and hacked it for you unless you get consciousness. With the release of Super Mario Run, temporarily exclusive to iOS, many seeking to take advantage of the waiting players for swing of fake APK full of virus on these platforms.


false sense of security

one could then argue that installation of an antivirus Android address these issues easily: after all just install what you want, make a quick call to scan on the device to remove these malwares and voila.

Yes… and no. Especially not. Although it is possible for the smaller threats, don’t forget that the keys are no longer in your possession: the more clever viruses know change files of the antivirus to not be detected, or worse still automatically reinstall in case of deletion.

Be aware that when a device is infected, it is generally the end: only a zero setting full of the device will truly know back to nine. You can hunt the virus , but any remaining crumb can re-infect your smartphone again.

Behave the way equals out naked in the cold in the winter. Well, anything can happen to you, not even a running nose, but the great majority of people will be bedridden with a fever yet.

google play store progamme affiliation

look for the alternative directly on the Play Store

what to do so, since this does not help the initial cause making consumers are tempted to spend in addition to the Store and paying to get pirated titles. The answer is quite simple indeed: look for the alternative, but directly on the Google app store.

This has the great advantage of swarm of various applications. Imagine that you need a GPS. You think first to TomTom, you were using until then. These have an application, but use it fully requires paying a large sum.

Why not look on the side GPS alternative ? Many people now have a totally free offline, for example as Here WeGo mode. Is that an example among many others proving that everything doesn’t have to be linked to a big name.

Spotify abonnement famille



obviously, not everything can be settled in this way. There are sometimes simply proceed to checkout. But nothing says you should do so immediately, or that you must have a credit card for it. We talk for example about the younger ones, who do not necessarily have the means.

Be aware at first that with the family library, you could make sure your parents buy an app for you and because it is freely available for the whole family.

Spend 1 or €2 will immediately less of a problem for them, and you can enjoy it easily on your device. Convenient if a particular game made you eye and friends play: it’s cheaper than a place of cinema after all!

The same principle applies with subscriptions to streaming services unlimited , which allow a family member to subscribe up to 6 different people. Know, then, make the sale to your loved ones, even if you share the cost.

spend intelligently on the Play Store

sharing is not a solution for you? Thankfully, we have still a few tips. In a first time, payment by credit card is not possible for you, if that many shops, supermarkets and tobacconists around the France now selling Google Play gift cards.

These order of 15, 25 and €50 cards allow you to recharge your account as one might do with its phone credit at the time. What work around this limitation, a map of €15 can go far when we know that there are few applications spending the price of € 2.

You can further optimize your purchases in many Play Store balances, which are moreover largely on the more popular applications. Watch out for the homepage of it, and especially the section “app of the week”, to spend only 10 cents per application!

Everything is to be smart: when an application you want, but it’s too expensive, we recommend that you implement the wish list. So, simply check your list to touch at reduced price in sales period.

Here are our some tips to circumvent your problems, and avoid being hack too easily. Remember: the path of the righteous is fraught with pitfalls, but still much more rewarding. You will be ever more motivated to use your applications when you acquired them by dint of handsets!

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