Why dating apps are doing miracles

from now on, I’ll let Android apps decide each date I. I don’t trust more to chance encounters, to the people that we are friends, dredge in bars. Instead, let me completely guided by algorithms of apps in meetings, which have recently changed my way of seeing things.

the problem of limited choice

for most of my life, I stuck to the traditional methods for dating. I did meet at school, at work, at the University, via friends and, occasionally, in public places. I spent so much time trying to find those who were more compatible with me. But the old ways have their flaws.

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dating apps will now be in charge of my love life. © ANDROIDPIT

after extensive research, I could sometimes get a date with the right person. Often, the first date revealed that we were ultimately very few compatible. Such a loss of time and effort for everyone! As for relations which were nevertheless able to emerge, they always eventually fail due to lack of compatibility.

Some time ago, I decided to take a step back. I wanted to understand why I could not find a person who is truly compatible with my personality. To find answers, I’ve discussed with friends. But even those who were currently in a relationship have shared the same problems. So I came to the conclusion that the main challenge was to find a compatible person. That’s why I decided to opt for a “scientific” approach.

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after years of searching in vain, I decided to be more logical. © ANDROIDPIT

we are looking for partners in a blind way

the amount of people that are compatible with us for intimate relationships is limited. Our personalities are compatible only with a small number of people. Among these people, even fewer draws us physically. Now think of how many people to whom we speak personally for a week: it is clear that the chances to meet a compatible person are tiny.

How is it that our research partners are always blind? It is no coincidence that so many people are unhappy in their relationship, when considering the difficulty of finding a compatible person. This leads to terrible problems. But technology can, once more, help us.

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technology offers a solution to the inefficient meetings. © ANDROIDPIT, shutterstock

technology has already improved many aspects of our lives

the technology and smartphones have allowed so many improvements in our lives that most of us would be unable to return to the time when they were not there to assist us. Think of orientation. Certainly, you might find your destination using a map and a compass, but you are likely to lose you more than once on the road. It is likely that you arrive no later than hoped, so that a navigation app would let you a quick ride and without incident.

As guidance, dating apps allow you to find compatible people in a way more efficient. These apps blend modern technology with psychology to determine your personality type. They then find compatible people (in a way more or less pushed according to apps).

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apps in meetings using modern technology to share compatible people. © ANDROIDPIT

I tested this logical approach

when I joined a few meetings Android apps, I was surprised at what I learned about my own personality. From a series of questions, I could see that it was compatible with people quiet, artistic and intellectual profile. On the other hand, I’m inconsistent with people more active and outgoing. When I look back at my history of relationships and dating, I realize that this assertion is widely relevant.

I started to filter the different games offered by these Android apps: they literally numbered in the hundreds in a few minutes, in my community. I went to see, and I “like” the profiles that were to my liking. When the like is mutual, the conversation can take place.

Once the conversation was advanced enough to make us want to, we have a date. I had more than one date in my life, but I can tell you that dates from apps were generally much better. Our personalities were immediately more compatible!

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find dates where the current actually happening is easier with the apps. © ANDROIDPIT, shutterstock

I now have the choice between different “favourites”, all taking people more compatible than the ones I used to meet. In the past, if I had met any of these people, I would have probably been excited and I have told all my friends.

I will never go back, at the time, or to look for my partner to the blind. Why have I worked so hard, while technology had all the answers I was looking for? Do not trust in the meetings at the old trust apps. Even if I met by chance a perfect person, in a Hollywood scene in slow motion, I turn the heels, hoping to find her as a person works on one of my apps.

Are you ready to let apps dictate your love life like I did? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments.

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