Why batteries explode and how to prevent cela

with the recent debacle of the Galaxy 7 Note, we can’t help but wonder about the why and how some smartphones batteries explode. What are the risk factors? Best practices to adopt and bad to avoid at all costs? We will try to deal with the issue. 

Samsung galaxy s4 brule

first of all, let’s get one thing, clear. Smartphones have still exploded. By this mean except in the case of the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 who had a real design problem and even if other cases remain isolated cases, it is unfortunately something that can happen. No smartphone is immune to having a failing battery or a malfunction that could lead to overheating and burning.

You have probably already read one or more various facts about the defective batteries of some smartphones. Recently it was the Galaxy Note 7 which remains a special case but several Galaxy S7 Edge have also exploded since the release of the device.

Ditto for the iPhone 6s that seems affected by a battery problem . Of course, Samsung and Apple being the two largest sellers of smartphones in the world, it is quite logical that explosion cases are more numerous but also more high-profile.

This phenomenon even if, admittedly, does not affect a significant number of users, is still dangerous. To see more clearly, we will explain why some batteries explode and how to prevent this risk .

Why batteries explode?

To understand how to prevent the risk of explosion of the batteries, it should be first to know the reasons of such a reaction. If the cases are rare, it is because that several factors must be met to trigger the explosion, , everything is not only due to the battery itself.

First, in the majority of the cases, there are two reasons that explain such an event: either the charger is not the original one or the battery itself is not the original .

batterie smartphones prevenir explosion

another important point, the present lithium batteries in our devices suffer from what is called “thermal runaway” . Simply put, the battery overheating exponentially until the explosion. But to counter this, manufacturers have implemented a system preventing overload. Once it is fully charged battery, is supposed to stop to accumulate energy so to heat.

The autonomy of our smartphones does not depend on (that) the battery

the problem is that the batteries are more thin and that what separates the positive plate and the negative plate of the battery is also increasingly end. There is less space to ensure that chemicals circulating between these two plates and it doesn’t take much to create an unexpected reaction. Overloading can cause this type of reaction. It is besides what appears have happened in the case of the Galaxy Note 7 .

batterie smartphone lithium ion explication

normally the manufacturers take care to insert some kind of fuse to prevent overheating. It cuts the unit load and avoids any danger. But sometimes for savings, they do not hesitate to not insert the fuse in the battery , which causes the kind of explosion that we discover in the facts.

How to prevent explosions?

Thereby, should therefore take yourself some precautions in order to avoid being surprised by a fire at night. This may seem restrictive, especially when we took some habits. We’re all, without knowing it, of many errors with the batteries of smartphones .

recharger smartphone prévenir recharge its smartphone night is less risky on a bedside table.

The majority of users recharge my smartphone all night while they sleep peacefully, in order to be sure to have a smartphone including autonomy will be sufficient for a full day. Here are a few recommendations to avoid seeing its battery explode:

  • don’t use battery that is not that of the manufacturer or a product approved by the brand in question. It’s certainly a little more expensive than products made by third-party brands, certainly compatible, but lack of safety standards. A less expensive battery is also the risk of a battery that overheated, and we know where that leads. It is better to spend a few tens of euros more and keep my smartphone, and incidentally my apartment or House, intact. Isn’t it?

  • When your phone is trying to recharge, take care to put it in a ventilated area . For those who are lucky to live where temperatures are rather high, place it near a current of air or a fan. Avoid: nearly a mattress for example, overheating is possible. And regarding those who tend to slide it under their pillow, forget it. It is totally forbidden!

  • Don’t wait your battery is down to recharge your smartphone .  Below 50% lithium batteries suffer. While above 50%, this type of battery recharges quickly and without overheating.

Now you’re almost experts in battery explosion. Well by following these tips you shouldn’t find yourself in a tricky situation. If it’s that you don’t really have luck and at this level there could not be anything for you.

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