Video: Discover EMUI 5.0, the new interface of the Honor 8 Android Nougat

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EMUI, Honor 8 interface, offers upgraded with the release of Android Nougat. Let’s look at the new features in this update.


the Honor 8 has, recently, a beta version to introduce the next version of the operating system of Honor exclusively to some owners of the latest smartphone to Honor,: EMUI 5.0. In addition to using the latest version of Android Nougat , this new version includes very many additions and changes to make it more intuitive using my smartphone.

you can find, among other things, a whole drawer of application level, a multitasking redesigned, a simple notification system, or even a split-screen mode, which allows to have two windows open at the same time.

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you can find an overview of the new to EMUI 5.0 in our getting started video. Soon, you can find a complete article with all the features detailed EMUI 5.0.

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