[Tutorial] how to repatriate its ebooks in one application

ebooks, it’s good. Have them all within a single application, it’s even better. The maneuver can take a little time, but Moon + Reader facilitates the operation.

to try several applications or to enjoy exclusive free offers to some, you have spread a little ebooks everywhere. The problem is that most of the readers of ebooks on Android do not seek to centralize it. Moon + Reader offers to scan your device for any group. If the app lacks some, you will need to have the files in a compatible format on the smartphone or tablet.

you will need to first download in ePub format, the most common, knowing that the free version of Moon + Reader does not read the PDF. Most applications of the kind have a download option. In the case of Google Play books or Amazon Kindle, it’s a little different.

if the file that you are recovering is not in a format compatible with + Moon, go through the web service next to retrieve an ePub file. Finally, the ebook will perhaps protected by a DRM, a system preventing it to be read by any application. Here again, there are websites or software to remove them, but know that this is akin to piracy.

and for Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle ebooks files are accessible via a file Explorer by following the path Android > Data > com.amazon.kindle > files. Here, each subfolder contains an ebook, the name composed of letters and numbers. He must retrieve this file and convert it to a compatible format. Beware, the approach is similar to the hack.

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