[Tutorial] how to quickly back up pictures of your MMS


who has ever pestered against my e-mail application that does is display in the thread of conversation, the photos you receive via MMS? SaveMMS application allows you to go back in time and very quickly, download all the photos that you have received by MMS. Very easy to access, the app scans your conversations to isolate the photos that are on the inside. In a touch of the screen, these photos are sent to the internal memory of your smartphone, in a folder with the name of the application. You then arrange these by creating, eventually, new folders.

of course, SaveMMS application is not perfect. The user will probably regret unable to choose case by case the photos they want to save. Even passing the Pro version, this operation is not possible. This Pro version offers more the possibility to change the destination folder or to automatically save all the new photos received by MMS. In short, SaveMMS does the job, and even in its free version.

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