[Tutorial] how to master my data and my battery automatically

applications that propose to cut your Wi – Fi when you are no longer within reach of it, there are some on the Google Store. Practical for those who forget to turn it off on their device, they require even when manually trigger to reconnect. Wi – Fi Matic life, easier and even more. The app reactivate Wi – Fi when you’re nearby and cut at this time, if you wish, mobile data, all automatically. An economy of data and battery so.

Wi – Fi Matic: How does it work?

“but if Wi – Fi Matic knows to reactivate the Wi – Fi while it is off, it’s what it me Geolocated with no GPS? “Suddenly, the economics of battery sucks! Not at all. It is thanks to the location of mobile PHONE antennas nearby Wi – Fi network that the app will be able to work, which is much less energy intensive (and does not need to activate Geotagging). The distance from the antenna will determine the operation of Wi – Fi Matic. When you enter in ‘yellow zone’ (several tens of meters of the box on average), the Wi – Fi reactivates. You still closer, you switch to ‘green zone’ and connect. Conversely, getting away in ‘red zone’ is the signal for the deactivation of the Wi – Fi. The more you use the application, she “learns” and becomes clear. It will, therefore, accept a few days muddles, but ultimately Wi – Fi Matic turns out to be effective.

why it doesn’t work?

why it doesn’t work? If disabling the Wi – Fi is too long, it is perhaps that there is too much associated antennas. Tap the network concerned Wi – Fi, the three vertical points at the top right, change positions stored and check antennas to ignore (let in one or two).

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