[Tutorial] how to lock and protect its applications

many applications on your smartphone or tablet should not fall into the wrong hands, starting with your mailbox through which anyone can recover almost all of your passwords. To prevent such an incident from occurring, you have probably already installed a lock screen on your device (what isn’t?), but what will happen if the ferret comes from inside? If it is a close, a knowledge that you lent your phone? Without even falling into paranoia, there are many reason to want to lock certain applications. Leaving your device in the hands of your child, for example, you may want to avoid to make purchases on the Store, consults with your naughty photos, surf the Internet or play games too violent for him. Thanks to AppLock, you will be able to create different user profiles and protect pin of the applications and features for each of them.

some of you have perhaps entered the fault: and if we uninstall AppLock application? Its protection indeed this would interrupt, but AppLock has thought of everything. Not only the uninstall program can be locked itself, but by downloading the Advanced Protection extension, AppLock will be protected against the facilities and forced outages. The only way to uninstall will be through AppLock even, and of course… it takes the PIN for it.

to go further:

in touching Plus on the home screen, you can automate the change profile according to the place where you are or what time it is. Your tablet can switch to ‘children’ mode once back at home.

protect my personal documents:

AppLock also lock your photos and videos, but needs a SD card for it. For this purpose, but also to lock any file, we recommend that you rather Andrognito 2 . This app there is not protected against uninstallation, but all locked files will disappear with it, that’s something.


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