[Tutorial] how to easily set up a default application

those who are used to install tons and tons of readers, audio, video or even apps for reading ebooks, certainly know by heart the menu continue with . It will be displayed as soon as you take an action requiring the intervention of an application. You must choose the application to launch. From this same menu, you have the option to configure a default application, such as to launch to perform this kind of task (read a PDF, explore a folder, start the playback of a movie or a song…). If the maneuver is quite simple, it can be me even more with Default App Manager, an application especially designed to make management of apps by default more intuitive.

here’s how to easily configure a default application to perform a task on your Android device.

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and because we also believe and those who do not want to go through a third-party application, below is a tutorial that explains how to set up a default application only via the applications menu of your Android device.

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