[Tutorial] how to contact customer services without wasting time with fast Ma Hotline

fast my Hotline is born from a simple idea, but to think: meet the maximum numbers of clients and related services in a single application. Your bank, the post office, e-commerce sites, EDF, manufacturers of smartphones, brands of home appliances, mobile phone operators, Internet access providers… Soon my Hotline also includes important numbers like emergencies or firefighters, and even the embassies and consulates in foreign countries. Knowing that it is possible, if necessary, to contact a particular sub-service (e.g.: technical support or billing service).

fast Ma Hotline allows you to “zen appealed. In short: customer service is contacted and call you back as soon as possible, eliminating the wait in line. Attention: this function is not available with all services and there is no guarantee that the recall will be.

the “zen call” are not free, they require In – app purchasable chips, taking enforcement supported communication, this is the way she found to keep this feature. In addition, 5 chips are offered each month.

in all cases, have the customer services numbers in my pocket is already a time saver.

If you want to share other ideas of free applications to make easier the daily, in the same vein as fast my Hotline, visit our forum in topic dedicated to this category of apps.

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