[Tutorial] how to change messaging SMS/MMS

why change SMS messaging and do not continue to use the preinstalled on your mobile device? Have here listed you four reasons that will convince you to revise your judgment.

to change the look

on the Play Store, many applications provide lots of options to customize the interface available to type your messages. Change the colors, the tools of the keyboard… To dress up my Inbox and my conversations at my convenience.

tell differently

tired of using words? Why not express your thoughts using small illustrations and smileys available in abundance in apps like Chomp SMS? Nothing better than a fish to express my indifference.

avoid mistakes

some e-mail, like Go SMS Pro utilities, give you a small amount of time until the message is sent to the recipient, to cancel it (in case…). Go to the parameters > General > Delay to send .

to protect curious

most managers of e-mail Messages have a tool to protect access to their messages. Most of the time, you must explore the app in question advanced options to configure the PIN guard of your e-mail.

3 courier for 3 purposes:

the Basic: Messenger is the app taking the rest of the old Google SMS/MMS. The latter has an interface uncluttered featuring Material design. The features are not set aside: sending videos, photos, sharing contacts… very complete.

the customizable: as old as the world, GO SMS Pro is certainly the benchmark for customization, added themes, shipments of emoji, stickers… for those who like more than simple little words.

the secure: Signal Private Messenger (formerly TextSecure), embarked on the ROM Custom Cyanogen makes sure to encrypt all communications (SMS and or photos/videos) with your contacts.

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