[Tutorial] how to avoid the geographical limitations


contrary to appearances, the Internet is not the same for everyone. Happens so frequently that a site or service is locked in a country, because it was censored, because rights have not yet been negotiated or because it comes from a country considered ‘at risk’ by the developers, and they prefer to block access rather than having dealing with the many pirates. In any case, this situation is perfectly reversible.

we already talked of Hola, VPN that allows you to simulate a connection from any other country, TunnelBear offers pretty much the same functionality, but with a much nicer interface, and a few more valuable options. Among them: the possibility of becoming a ghost, IE to prevent any tracker to collect any data about you, what makes TunnelBear a good alternative to Ghostery also. The only problem is that TunnelBear is not completely free. 500 MB/month data are available, in addition to 1 GB as long as you mention TunnelBear in a Tweet.

for more data, you must choose an offer subscription, but with 1, 5 GB, you should already have plenty to do, just think to disable TunnelBear when you no longer need.

how much it costs?

TunnelBear offers 500 MB of data per month. For unlimited use, you will have to pay € 4,38 per month or € 32.42 per year. Please note that a subscription to €7.63 / month or € 53.53/year will provide the same service for 5 devices, PC included.

the ghost bear!

in addition to travel from country to country, TunnelBear can make you disappear! By checking GhostBear in the options you will be able to become a real ghost, this means that you won’t leave any trace on the Internet and that no tracker will not retrieve any data of navigation. Not to be confused with the private browsing which avoids simply that your browser saves your travels, but does not prevent the sites to collect information about you!

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