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the 2016 year coming to an end, and this is the time for everyone. As we share our lives with you dear readers, we thought that for once we could also share our tastes, and especially our favorites on the Smartphone market this year. With a few members of the staff ‘, so we gave our top of the best smartphones Android 2016. We talk about between us, then why not share it with you?

meilleurs smartphones android redac

maxim: LG G5 for originality

lg g6 oh lg g5

while he has been shunned by the users and the results of LG dropped by my fault, it’s LG G5 who won the heart Maxim this year. What particularly struck him is the audacity of the Builder who at least had the merit to try something new on a dull market for smartphones. Here’s what our national Max tells us of the G5 LG:

this choice might be shocking for many, and particularly for LG which has seen revenues melt following the release of this last device. But I have tenderness for what attempted to accomplish the Korean automaker this year: change the formula always more smartphones. It wasn’t in the best shape that is, nor what the market was expecting… but I want to emphasize this courage in taking stock of the year 2016.

David: the Galaxy S7 for photo and updates fast

test samsung galaxy s7

turn, our national David has elected the Galaxy S7 smartphone of the year 2017. Let it be said, our David is not in the detail. For him what is important is the power, the photo quality and updates. And it is for these reasons that he chose the Galaxy S7.

The camera is the main point that appealed to him. But the speed of Samsung to provide the latest version of Android, Android Nougat who will land in January 2017 , to convince him. For him, it’s the only smartphone able to really compete with the iPhone on the consumer market.

Test Samsung Galaxy S7: the smartphone that puts the bar very high

Roman B.: the iPhone 7, not you screw the Huawei Nova

huawei nova review

Roman B is one of the editors of our second site Papergeek , more general. But we like it well, he was permitted to give my opinion on Android smartphones. Of course, this Apple fan threw my little trolls in us first saying that the Galaxy Note 7 was her favorite. Ah… ah…

Then we got right to the iPhone 7 also. Then it threatened to fire him and he ended up being honest. And for him, the best smartphone of the year Android Huawei Nova . What struck him the most is the design of the smartphone it finds really successful but also and especially its excellent value for money. It is true that it is not bad at all this Huawei Nova no?

Test Huawei Nova: a good 5 inches design and autonomous high price

Gabriel: Galaxy S7 Edge, OnePlus 3 T and HTC 10, even if we said a smartphone

galaxy S7 precommandes

the problem of Gabriel, it’s like all Android smartphones because he is in love with Android. But it is also the one that tests the more smartphones throughout the year, so there is a real objective look at different models. Where my hesitation to give a winner.

However, for him, the most successful smartphone, one above the others is the Galaxy S7 Edge . According to him, at all levels, or almost it is above the others. But our Gabriel was also seduced by the OnePlus 3 T which offers the best quality-price ratio for this year according to him.

htc 10 test

Finally, he wanted to make a special mention to HTC 10 which is a great smartphone in every way, but that unfortunately is struggling to find its audience. The sound quality is notably one of its big advantages. Here’s what we said to Gabriel:

the Galaxy S7 Edge for design, the screen, the autonomy, the camera. A super full smartphone that has few flaws. The Galaxy Note 7 was better before exploding. I also loved the OnePlus 3 T, which is clearly the best price of the year for me. Special mention for the HTC 10.

Test Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: the smartphone that pushes the limits

Romain V. (me): Honor 8, OnePlus 3 T and Google Pixel, me too I have the right to give three

honor 8 alternative iphone 7

too I got three smartphones this year but not the same as Gabriel. If I had to pick one, it would be Honor 8 . I am quite aware that it is not the best at all levels, but it is very good everywhere. For any user today, it offers high level performance and a design on top.

The big plus for me is its double photo sensor which allows to make really successful bokeh effects. And especially, I choose it for its price. Because Honor showed us that it was quite possible to offer a smartphone of high level at an affordable price. And nothing for the principle, and because I believe that no smartphone is worth a minimum wage, I choose Honor 8 .

I could also choose the OnePlus 3 T that also offers a value for money incredible . But I prefer the camera to Honor 8. Nevertheless, this 3T OnePlus fully deserves my second place.

oneplus 3t test

Finally, I wanted as maxim to mention LG G5 for the same reasons . According to me, this smartphone was not the success he deserved. LG has had the audacity to propose something different. Unfortunately, this first trial was not altogether successful, or didn’t happen at the right time and not won.

This is our top of the year 2016. Of course, we would like to share with you on this topic, so don’t hesitate to share you also your best Android smartphones for this year!

Best smartphones Android 2016: our buying guide

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