This is the best Android games in 2016 according to Google

last week, we had unveiled the ranking of the best Android apps according to Google. This week, we talk about the best games according to the Mountain View firm. To establish my best-of, Google wanted to select the finest titles of the independent scene, and addictive games, which stimulate the spirit of competition, who blew the rankings or other totally unique in their kind. 

as for its applications, Google has decided to organize it by topic (9). Some are also similar in the two rankings. In total, these are 41 games that have been chosen by Google teams.

Actually, there is no big surprise in this selection. We find all the games that have made the news this year. Although not bad pay, there are also a lot of free titles. Special mention to Alto’s Adventure for me

best games of Google in 2016

game of the year

no it isn’t Pokémon GO! While it would be expected that the game of the year is selected by Google, the prize went to Clash Royale. It is true that the game also met with a huge popular success. 

For those who missed the phenomenon Clash Royale is a multiplayer real-time game featuring the Royal fighters, the favorite characters of Clash of clan and many more. It is a tactic cards game where strategy has its importance, the final objective being to take the trophies that hold your enemies.

AndroidPIT clash royale 18
clash Royale is the game of the year for Google. © ANDROIDPIT

Clash Royale Install on Google Play

the most competitive games

the most innovative games

AndroidPIT messenger Pokemon Go money
Pokémon GO is certainly the most profitable game of 2016. © AndroidPIT

games the more trends

best games India

the more euphoric games

the most compelling games

AndroidPIT nexus 6P Altos adventure 1232
Alto’s Adventure is probably one of the best runners on Android simply. © ANDROIDPIT

the most beautiful games

the best apps family

what was for you the best game of the year 2016?

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