This is the best Android apps in 2016 according to Google

like every year, Google lists its the best apps of the year on its app store. This year 2016 was rich in news, so the selection is of a very high standard. To establish my best-of, Google chose those that has “stuck it”, those who exploded the rankings and those which we have revealed the beauty of the world that surrounds us. Here is the list.

to make its more clear ranking, Google decided to organize it by topic (9). In total, these are 41 applications that have been selected by the Mountain View company teams. If you pay attention, you may notice that Google had time to select some of its own applications.

In the selection, there are also a few apps that have enlivened the news this year, like Prisma, MSQRD or Google Hello.

So overall, the selection is rather good, some applications are quite surprising and one wonders why Google selected them.

The best applications of Google in 2016

the app of the year

the prize was awarded to Prisma, long available on iOS, she made her appearance on Android a few months ago. The concept of the app is simple: you take a photo and the application gives him the appearance of a very beautiful painting. For more info, I advise you to read our test:

ANDROIDPIT prisma for android strength
here is Prisma. © ANDROIDPIT

Prisma Install on Google Play

apps most innovative

the most shared apps

the most beautiful apps

arts culture google
another application of Google rewarded by Google. © ANDROIDPIT

apps made in France

If you are interested in the subject, I recommend you also read a small selection that we had made on the subject a few weeks ago:

the most trends

ANDROIDPIT allo review 3
Google Hello has been awarded by… Google! © Screenshots: ANDROIDPIT

apps entertaining

MSQRD is now a property of Facebook. © ANDROIDPIT

the personal improvement apps

the best apps family

did you know all the apps chosen by Google?

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