Think of the 3T OnePlus after 1 month of use

this is a month that I could discover the OnePlus 3 T and time is on the balance sheet: is the unit still good after all this time? Problems hardware or software emerged? I will return to this article on all the elements that I like and dislike.

a design and a screen that disappoint no

contrary to my Honor which was showing signs of weakness in the first month, that of the OnePlus does a good job to hold the road. Not a single scratch, no marks or concern to report, it is a faultless at the moment. By default, OnePlus place a sheet of protection on the device but I quickly removed it because it annoyed me. At the level of the screen quality, we have a “simple” definition Full HD, but it offers very nice result. The most demanding may wish to use the sRGB on a daily basis but this is not my case.

I had specified it in the test but I take my hat off to OnePlus who placed the button to change the notification profile. I use it very often, and I cannot imagine coming back on a smartphone where these profiles changes must be made to the screen. 

androidpit oneplus 3t screen1
no definition QHD but the result is very good. © ANDROIDPIT

about shocks and scratches, no problems to report. Yet he suffered a few scraps but nothing is clear, not even a small trace to the rear.

The software interface is convenient but the Shelf menu is useless

the interface is really interesting. Customization of colors allows you to really adapt the interface preferences and night mode quickly becomes indispensable (sometimes even I forget to turn it off during the day to discuss on WhatsApp). 

That said, the Shelf/Never Settle menu becomes quickly boring. At first sight it might be useful: quick access to contacts, recent applications… For me, this is of no interest and I almost never use it, only the weather that is integrated into can be useful to have a quick overview without having to go through a widget. That said, she sends notifications about the time that we must unfortunately say, are often next to the plate.

oneplus 3t neversettle fr
original, Yes. Useful, not really. © ANDROIDPIT

performance remain at the top

reminder, we have a Snapdragon 821 processor that runs at a frequency of 2.35 GHz on this smartphone, and a RAM 6 GB. In practice, the smartphone is no slowdown, particularly at the level of multitasking in which he excels. Multitasking is excellent and performance have still not disappoint me, particularly the battery. Are the 6 GB and a powerful processor really necessary for a normal user? I am not convinced but it is up to each to form my opinion.

There is no need to have a powerful processor and a too large RAM memory if use is to surf the Internet and chat on WhatsApp and Facebook

by Benoit Pepicq

what do you think?

It happened to me repeatedly to alternate between Instant Messaging and watching video for a long time, and the battery still holds both the road. Usually videos tend to seal the independence of the unit but this 3T OnePlus defends really well. 

The only concern I’ve observed is the loss of the mobile connection. For I don’t know what reason, from one minute to the next I can’t connect in data. Fortunately it’s pretty rare (this from happen to me 3 or 4 times) and a simple reboot fixes the problem. I’m still leaning on the origin of the problem: what is it comes from the operator? We shall see in the next article.

To sum up, I am always delighted by this unit. It remains to be seen on the longer term (for example, 3 and 6 months) if the result is always good, but I’m not sure I can write this article since I will start a test with a new phone. 

Did you buy this phone? What do you think now?

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