The TouchWiz interface is dead, long live Samsung Experience

the dream of some will come true: TouchWiz will go away. Do you look forward not too quickly however. Samsung is just a name change. It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new called the Samsung Experience.

ca y’ is, Samsung has finally removed its smartphones TouchWiz. It is however a change of name for its interface that is identical to what we know so far. The new interface will therefore be called Samsung Experience. The South Korean firm teams have so not demonstrated originality for this new name but the latter has the deserved to be clear.

The first appearance of TouchWiz was on the Samsung Galaxy S in 2010. In reality, TouchWiz interface was officially dead for several years. Samsung was no longer using this term since the Galaxy S2. The term UX Nature had been chosen with the Galaxy S3 but the TouchWiz name was stuck in people’s minds. 

androdpit software info s7 edge
Samsung Experience: the new name for the interface of Samsung. © AndroidPIT

this change was discovered after the last release of the beta Android Nougat for Galaxy S7. We clearly see the Samsung Experience name appear in the software settings of the phone. 

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what do you think of this change?

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