The three reasons that make the Gear S3 a smartwatch single

Samsung has officially unveiled its new smartwatch, the S3 Gear during the 2016 IFA in Berlin. Marketed in France, I decided to give below three points that have most caught my attention for this new “wearable” of the Korean manufacturer. If you’re curious, take a look at my list below.

Tizen is better than Android Wear

well if. Tizen is, in my opinion, the best OS released so far for the smartwatches. In addition to having features that give more control to the user on its software, Tizen directly developed at Samsung. The result is a perfect coordination between the hardware and the software. Of course, there are still improvements to be made on some parts of the system, but in terms of usability, Tizen has a far superior to watch OS and Android Wear level.

Notifications are more customizable, integration in the management of the dynamic S3 Gear system and, as I have noted before, the integration of the hardware is well further that usual, allowing, for example, the software to communicate with the rotating bezel at the top of the watch.

AndroidPIT Samsung Gear Classic Frontier 1303 2
the physical rotating bezel of the S3 Gear. © AndroidPIT.

Very complete sensors

in addition to NFC technology, which makes the Gear compatible with Samsung Pay S3, there are many other sensors and connections included in the smartwatch. So we have a barometer, the 4G (on some versions), which makes you more independent of the smartphone, the microphone and the built-in loudspeaker, the heart rate sensor, etc. Without a shadow of a doubt, the barometer is the feature most interesting instrument, able to display the altitude of its user and the speed of its movement.

The software of Samsung has been improved in function so that the OS can get the maximum profit. So the Gear S3 is able to measure changes in atmospheric pressure, altitude and weather. Essential information for users who play sports outside. Moreover, this sensor is able to measure the results of physical activity more accurately.


the compatibilities of the S3 Gear jumped in the eyes from the outset. The first is related to the wristband of the smartwatch, which has the same type setting than for conventional watches. Thus, users will be able to change it without the need of wasting a fortune to buy original accessories. If you have a watch you, that you do not, you can borrow the bracelet for your new wearable. The reverse is also possible: the bracelet of the S3 Gear can equip a normal watch.

The second question concerns the software. Since there a home made OS, Samsung can extend its compatibility to other OS. Android Wear is compatible with iOS (depending on the version), but we know that the experience common to both platforms is very limited.

for the IFA, however, it was assumed that Samsung is working on a version of the synchronization of the S3 Gear for iOS application. The most interesting here is that, according to the community of beta testers who have access to the preliminary versions, Samsung intends to keep all of the features available on iOS as Android system. So, iPhone users experience will be also limited on the S3 Gear, in comparison to the other connected watch under Android Wear.

If the initiative were to be confirmed, Samsung would enter a territory little coveted by competitors at the moment: offer a real alternative to watch connects to Apple for Apple users, without compromising the user experience. In the video above, you can see a demo of the beta of the application of the Gear in iOS, published in mid-August.

And you, what do you think of Tizen? Do you think a smartwatch with a different OS and more sensors is better than on Android Wear devices?

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