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more and more users appreciate listening to radio from their smartphone, but more and more manufacturers decide to remove their devices FM tuner. So it is impossible to listen to the radio? It was not counting on the Google Play Store , which offers its usual a multitude of applications to improve your daily life or simply you distract. We have selected several apps that allow you to listen to the radio

General Applications to listen to the radio


no doubt, TuneIn is one of the best applications of radio listening: it is also by default on some Android devices. By choosing from more than 70,000 radio stations, you can add stations to your Favorites, use them to you wake up or you fall asleep, all in multitasking: practice to listen to the radio while continuing to use their smartphone. We appreciate especially its widget and its icon in the notification bar, both very well built.

tuneln radio android
TuneIn is definitely the most popular radio application. © ANDROIDPIT
  • Version of the app: 17.1

  • size of the app: 15.5 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.0.3 or more

  • business model: free with purchases in the app

TuneIn Radio Install on Google Play

Radio FM

FM Radio doesn’t have the look neat and nice of TuneIn , but that doesn’t make it less efficient. my catalogue of radio stations is huge and is sorted according to countries. The France does not count less than 1415 listed stations. You can also participate in the project by inserting new radios in the directory. 

You can select your stations by searching by country, genre, and of course to save your favorite favorite stations by pressing on the heart. 

a simple and intuitive application that does its job very well. © ANDROIDPIT
  • Version of the app: 8.1.1

  • size of the app: 14.8 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.0 or more

  • business model: free

Radio FM Install on Google Play


the entire radio universe opens up to you. The application gives you access to very many radio stations, from many countries or to the wonderful world of the Internet. Perhaps are you interested only by one or two issues in particular, not the entire radio station? No problem, the application also offers to manage your podcasts. Plus, you can also configure a timer and an alarm clock in the application itself.

radio.NET is a very complete application. © ANDROIDPIT
  • Version of the app: 3.16.11

  • the app size: 11.7 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.1 or more

  • business model: free

radio.NET Install on Google Play

official applications of x-rays

If you have your little preference, most radio stations have their own application. No need to search among a huge repertoire when just open a single application. As well, this allows you to more easily listen to your favorite podcast show. You find France Inter, RTL and Europe 1 on the Google Play Store

Radio France

as the name suggests, you find yourself in the Radio France application stations group: France blue, FIP, France Info, France Culture, France music, the Mov ‘ and France Inter. Its interface is modern and the application is very pleasant to use. Radio France gives you access to podcasts of all emissions and a wake-up function is possible to get out of bed to the sound of your favorite radio. 

one of the essential applications of French radio. © ANDROIDPIT
  • Version of the app: 3.5.3

  • size of the app: 11.3 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 2.3 or more

  • business model: free

Radio France: news live Install on Google Play

popular radio

of course, every FM radio has its own application. You’ll find the popular radios such as Fun Radio and Skyrock , but also others like honey FM or even songs and laughter.

RTL Install on Google Play Europe 1 Install on Google Play NRJ radio Install on Google Play

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You listen to the radio with your smartphone? What application are you using? Say it in the comments.

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