The best games Android 2016

in this dedicated article, you will find the list of the best Android games (that we regularly update). Whether strategy, action, arcade, sport or reflection, there are really for everyone. On the Google Play, there are hundreds of thousands of games, but here is a concentrate of the best games available on Android.

note: looking quite our selection of the best Android apps? Head over here: the best Android applications . Moreover, we have not included the best applications that can be found everywhere, which are the most downloaded (Facebook, Skype, Twitter, etc.) but a selection of different titles to really offer the best Android games today.

Because we are not necessarily bind a means of payment to our Google account or because we cannot spend all money on Android applications, we offer the best free games on Android


new best Android games

every day, many Android games appear on the very complicated Play Store making hunting new chip. In this article, you can find our selection of the best games that we find each month:

best Android games free

we start with one of the most wanted lists, the best free games on Android, all styles confused. The list is not exhaustive, some games added. They all share the fun and free. At the top of the list: Clash of Clans. Second: Candy Crush Saga!

AndroidPIT Candy crush posessed
Candy Crush Saga, ranked # 2 of the best free Android games. © AndroidPIT

best Android games without Internet

for vacation or the subway, wherever one has no network or to simply save sound package data, here is a list best games to play offline on Android.

AndroidPIT best game streaming apps 1595
platform games are often playable offline. © ANDROIDPIT

there are a lot of arcade games, platform, but not only. Dumb Ways to Die for example is a series of puzzles and tests to play at full speed.

Best Android games: Action

you are a fan of games of action or reflection, you will find what need you on the Google Play. Some games require a fairly powerful smartphone, it says it every time in this case. If you are a fan of this genre, feel free to buy a Bluetooth gamepad, which simply turns your smartphone into a game console. 

AndroidPIT HTC 10 modern combat 5 1337
SHADOWGUN is a classic FPS GAMES on Android. © ANDROIDPIT

best Android games: strategy

for a long time, game publishers have sought how to adapt the strategy on smartphone in real time. The fact is that touchscreens of small size are not really suited.

AndroidPIT new games 6510
strategy games are on Android. © AndroidPIT

on the other hand, turn with the system of defenses databases do wonders with multiplayer and notifications, things that are no problem with smartphones. This is the case of publishers of Clash of Clans, the best strategy game on Android probably.

Best Android games: graphics

If you have the chance to own a smartphone or a tablet of range, you can have fun to find the most successful game graphically. This isn’t necessarily graphics beautiful and artistic, but technical prowess. 

final fantasy VII game play
final Fantasy is particularly successful on Android. © ANDROIDPIT

best Android games: arcade

the arcade is ideal for smartphones. In addition, a good little runner, it is ideal to unwind between two buses or when expected. The best Arcade games on Android are characterized by simple ultra gameplay, the graphics and a fun reward system. 

AndroidPIT best android games 2482
Rayman is at the top of the arcade games on Android © ANDROIDPIT

best Android games: multiplayer

is a fun activity, but as so often in life, more fun to many. It is more the merrier, as the saying goes. Many games can be played with other players, usually via Internet (which implies well obviously a permanent connection during the game session). 

Best Android games for tablets

some games do work that on shelves, others are simply more convenient and more beautiful. For others, the controller is almost essential on a 10-inch, especially for racing games which are controls by directing the device, it quickly becomes tiring.

AndroidPIT emulators 4004
a Tablet is ideal for playing good games on Android. © ANDROIDPIT

best Android games: retro, emulators

smartphones and tablets are also an opportunity to reconnect with our childhood games or not, if you are younger. What’s better than to rebuild Bowser or down the levels no matter how about a good old Sonic? The oldest outright can emulate an Atari.

Best Android games: reflection, point-and-click

The Room 2 is just the tip of the iceberg, there is a phenomenal amount of games of this kind, called point-and-click (point and click). It’s actually a term used at the base for the games of the genre on PC. Simple succession of levels (100 Doors) or Escape Room to the complicated history, this type of game like at all.

AndroidPIT new android games 8127
Although simple, these games will require you patience… or cheat. © ANDROIDPIT

best Android games: Board game

Unassailables, card and Board Games take a new dimension of multiplayer with smartphones. Duel Quiz has shown for example, one can learn while having fun, and by sending valves. Extra bonus for Draw Me Something , a Pictionary which becomes quickly quite delusional. 

Best Android games: general culture and logic

those who like to dig your head and test their knowledge are not left aside. Many of our articles are devoted to the games and applications that are designed to make us work our brains and learn while we fun.

Best Android games: sport

on tablet or smartphone, the sports games on Android are. A new kind begins to surface on the Store, like Zombies, Run! That motivate you by offering to escape a horde of virtual zombies. The best sports games on Android are that said less dangerous, don’t miss our top. 

FIFA, the big football reference is also available on Android. © ANDROIDPIT

do not miss the games section on the forum: games, walkthroughs & tips , as well as our new series new Android games don’t miss . Have fun!


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