Smartphones and guarantees: how it works and what to do in case of failure?

Smartphones are valuable and often quite expensive but also fragile goods. They can fail without reason and cause us much inconvenience. Fortunately, any model bought new in trade benefits from a legal guarantee of conformity for a period of two years. Must know how to proceed in case of failure. Here’s everything you need to know about the different types of guarantees.

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legal guarantees

1. The legal warranty of compliance

as the name suggests, it is a legal obligation. When you buy a property in store, this one is supposed to be consistent. Yet, consumers are often poorly informed about the legal guarantee of conformity. It must be said that the sellers do not always all the goodwill in the world to provide them with clear information and precise.

What the question is that since the entry into force of the new law of consumption in March 2016, this legal guarantee is for a period of two years for smartphones and their accessories . Thus, any defect which would occur within two years (and in the 6 months except for purchased second-hand goods) following the purchase of a new product will be considered a defect being present since the purchase.

Is more to the consumer to prove that the device is defective beyond the six months that follow the purchase but, indeed, the manufacturer to bring evidence to the contrary. Therefore, if a failure were to occur during two years after the purchase of a smartphone nine, the seller would have obliged to offer you a free repair, regardless of the fault (camera, battery, charger,…).

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if ever a vendor refused to fix a faulty well, it would be completely illegal and you would be entitled to notice by means of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

Of course, this legal warranty of compliance also has its limits and only covers defects that you had no knowledge at the time of purchase, not the damage caused by the user. If you are breaking your smartphone screen by fall or that you damage it by falling into the water, you will not be covered.

Finally, note that in the coming months, the legal compliance guarantee smartphones could be extended to four years .

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2. What is the legal guarantee for hidden defects?

When you buy a new product, it is also guaranteed for two years against hidden defects existing at the time of purchase and may restrict its use. In case of finding of hidden defect, you can then choose, either get a refund or get a discount on the amount of your purchase. Hidden defects are still pretty rare on smartphones and this warranty concerns especially the automotive field.

The commercial guarantee

the commercial guarantee allows you to also cover failures caused by defects not existing prior to purchase. It allows to replace, refund or repair a defective well but does not replace the legal guarantees listed above. It complements them and remains optional. In fact, it is an additional guarantee offered by the shop.

It may be free but most of the time, it will have a cost that will be added to the purchase price of the property. Its terms are entered in a contract between the seller and the buyer. The famous “warranty”, “warranty Exchange to nine” or “extended warranty” are commercial guarantees.

smartphone reparation

before you purchase this type of guarantee proposed by most of the major retailers, we will know that you advise to well informed. They can be very interesting, some sellers will exchange you your defective device against a new model or a have in store without the need to go through the box service after sale.

Some guarantees will allow you, as they have for free a replacement model until your repaired. On the other hand, others are real scams.

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1. Root voids the warranty?

That’s a question that often comes up, but few people know the answer. Under European law, the fact of rooter a smartphone will not void the warranty (phew!). Therefore, if you live in France, you don’t have too much to worry. On the other hand, it is true that in some countries, as in the Canada, the root calls into question the guarantee.

2. my smartphone returns Service but it is still down

your smartphone was broken and you did play the legal conformity warranty to get a repair but the device still does not work. However, it is the mission of Service to detect the failure and repair the defective unit, it will therefore send it back a second time. Generally, when a smartphone is faulty service or repair proves impossible, you then get a replacement.

Note in passing that in 75% of cases, the Service finds no problem .

3. my phone is being repaired and we don’t always not fired me him

Unfortunately, it happens that the VAS are slow a little in their mission. If it should happen to you and you consider that the delay is abusive, you are then entitled to put the Service in home asking him to return your smartphone within a time period that you specify. At the end of this period, you will be entitled to enter the local judge or the District Court. We still wish you never have to get there.

It can also be that your smartphone has been lost by the SAV. If ever that were to happen while the phone was under my responsibility, it will have obligation to financially compensate you.

4. my smartphone never fell, but no longer works?

When this type of failure occurs on a device of less than two years who have never had any fall or the slightest shock, then the legal guarantee of conformity comes directly into play. The manufacturer or the seller have obligation to fix it for free.

5. the store asks me to contact me even the manufacturer

if a seller refuses to fix a camera still under warranty and you ask to call the constructor and well there all wrong because according to the law, it’s him who has an obligation to act as intermediary between the consumer and service after sale of the constructor. It is, therefore, obliged to receive the defective device and then do the steps necessary for its repair.

6. my smartphone is no longer an incident of

smartphone casse

If your smartphone does more because he fell in your bathtub or that the screen broke because he fell on the ground, then damage will unfortunately not be taken into account by the warranty. The repair will be at your expense. However, if ever you have insurance to cover the case, it will normally cover repair costs. However, most insurers do not cover damage caused on a smartphone fell in the water .

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