Small buying advice for the raspberry PI or the raspberry PI 3 [Full Guide]

Christmas is coming, and one or the other is safe are still looking for a gift. If it’s not a InfinityBook and a number should be smaller, then I maybe a raspberry PI 3. It’s of course, what you want to do. Below a small buying advice for first-time offenders.

a raspberry PI you can to the Tinker take, as multi media center , or in the meantime as a mini desktop replacement. The raspberry PI 3 is of course not as fast as a desktop, but now fast enough for traditional desktop applications as for example surf the Web, edit email and also LibreOffice runs quite well. As a desktop operating system that is the official Raspbian with pixel and also Ubuntu MATE 16.04 . With openSUSE leap 42.2 there is even the first 64-bit operating system for the raspberry PI.

which pi and what equipment to buy?

with B +, A +, RasPi 2 and raspberry PI 3 are some variants to choose from and so a zero there is still. RasPi connoisseurs know very precisely what you would buy. It depends from the project because the form factors are different.

who would like to buy for the first time such a small device, which should access to the raspberry PI 3. He is the fastest in the PI family and also brings with it a WLAN / Wi-Fi network card and Bluetooth. No other PI does this by default. Of course, he has the highest power consumption , but is acceptable. In any case, the raspberry is PI 3 the most universal device and you must at the least peripherals such as USB Wi-FI card and so on purchase.

I personally feed my PIs always happy with heat sinks. That cost real not the world, but protect the hardware. In the following picture you can see a raspberry PI 3 in an official housing with heat sinks.

Raspberry Pi 3 mit Gehäuse und Kühlkörper PI 3 housing with heat sink

the raspberry has PI 3

raspberry via four USB interfaces and as well as keyboard if you have mouse. I like to use the Logitech K400 with my PIs. The keyboard is relatively small, but brings a touch pad with him. I have that mouse and keyboard in one device. I have the keyboard now already several years and would buy it again. If you have large hands, for it could be however scarce at this keyboard. As I said it is relatively small and the buttons are close.

Logitech K400 (Quelle:

Logitech K400 (source:


then you need in any case a power supply, a microSD card, and an HDMI cable. Most will want to join the PI on a screen. You should not skimp on the microSD card. Then you save a few euros and must only worry in the connection. Take nothing under a class 10 card in any case. Want you to save you searching, you can use for example this Starter Kit (69 euros). You got a case, a class 10 card, power supply, and an HDMI cable. Noobs is pre-installed on the microSD card and you can get started immediately in principle.

Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit (Quelle:

raspberry PI 3 Starter Kit (source:

of course can you use the Starter Kit as a template and create your own constellation. Maybe you want to also PI Foundation the official housing of the raspberry and the 16 GB of SD card not enough friends. Then, kits just orient you to the starter.

the HDMI cable, you can save that, when you friends put a 7″ touch screen to. Which is not quite cheap (about 80 Euro) and is only suitable for various projects. I personally don’t have one, I have to admit honestly. The screen laughs at me every now and then, but I don’t need him.

I want to tinker but!

If you want to tinker with the PI, then you need a pair of cables, a breadboard, a few diodes and so on. Of course, you can click you again through the online stores or browse electronics stores. Maybe even great fun. Who but don’t know where he should start, can again access Kit to a starter. For example would that ultimate Starter Kit not unsuitable. Also makes wonderful use as a template if you want to trade some components. It costs only 10 euro more than the other Kit and it is Christmas soon… 🙂

Ein bisschen mehr Starter Kit (Quelle:

a bit more Starter Kit (source:

with me it is often the case that things get curious, that there are. If you spend the 10 euro extra and have crafting all the things you are, then the curiosity maybe grabs you.

what is a camera?

camera at any of the above Starter Kits here and there are two variants. One is the normal camera module with IR filter (for daylight / 8 megapixel / 1080 p). So you’re already quite far.

or you would prefer a camera module NoIR without IR filters (night vision, but during the day missing the colors). You can insert the NoIR camera also during the day, but the colors look a bit dull and otherwise. Here I found a beautiful difference in This reflects quite well the thing. On the subject of night vision I would like to say that of course a certain light or IR-source must exist yet. You can’t expect that works the NoIR camera in complete darkness.

Unterschied zwischen Kamera Modul und NoIR-Modul (Quelle:

difference between camera module and NoIR module (source:

sense HAS – an another toy

an another good toy is of course the sense of HAS . This add-on is equipped with sensors for angle, pressure, humidity and temperature. At some point, I’m still a sense has, that’s for sure. In forums is to read that the temperature sensor PI itself is actually too close to the raspberry and so can not reliably measured room temperature again. In this case, you have to bring a certain distance between the sense has and the PI. You could for example with a cable.

who has the money for a sense not spend and once to experiment would like to, which should be the sense HAS emulator see . So that you can complete code without hardware and convince you once if the accessory for you in question comes. Being always true that you may have never have too many gadgets… 🙂

Virtueller Sense HAT für den Raspberry Pi

virtual sense HAS for the raspberry PI

there are not alternatives that offer more for the same price?

Yes, there indeed. I have but has repeatedly noted, , why I no longer buy the or why such announcements no longer inspire me . In the same score, the Pinebook for $ 89 hits I believe according to .


just as a beginner to be very grateful for the large community to the raspberry PI. All questions asked by beginners on this topic have been answered several times already and you’ll find help. It is so that the hardware of the raspberry PI is fully supported by the available distributions. There are certain exceptions, which are likely to affect a newbie but less. Most will begin with Raspbian, Ubuntu MATE or LibreELEC.

I urge you, to save a few bucks just so you you tease in the connection at this point. My PINE A64 is in the closet, because he hung my expectations and front has not complied. You look at benchmarks , then the PINE 64 is actually not faster than the raspberry PI 3.

now am I confused… what should I now buy everything?

If you’re not sure, then just small start. The simple starter kit with power supply, cable and class 10 microSD card is a very useful starting point. You can at any time upgrade or retrofit.

make you familiar with the system and the PI universe. If the PI fever first got to you, you will find plenty of opportunities to spend money very fast and early. I can promise you that!

P.S: you want ownCloud or operate a Nextcloud for you personally, then the raspberry is pi 2 actually an option. He needs slightly less power because he has no Wi-FI card. So a private cloud hangs better on the LAN. The pi 2 there is the chipset (BCM2837), which is installed in the PI 3 in the meantime also with .

you think you a raspberry PI 3 to buy? If so, what would you make?

Nice PI-constellation

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