Should you buy or not a smartphone Wiko?

quietly since joining in June 2012, Wiko had a place among the best french sellers, behind Samsung but ahead of Apple. How did do? Marseille-based company had embarked on the entry level smartphone, and had seduced my audience by becoming no. 2 in sales in France (and no. 1 on the Internet) in 2014. Wiko is now essential in the french landscape? But did buy a smartphone Wiko worth? Here are the arguments for and against to help maybe to decide.


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there is not much hesitation on this topic: smartphones and Wiko phablets have good hardware under the hood, at least on paper. Rather powerful processors, good cameras, very correct autonomy… Some higher-end devices do not sometimes even have these characteristics. But the advantage of Wiko, especially my price: count maximum €300 for a camera of the brand. At this price, it’s worth thinking!

Buying naked

Wiko has based its success on that Free: consumers today want to have a “naked” package, or conversely a smartphone without a package that goes with it. Only buy a smartphone between 400 and 700, is not accessible to all. Wiki allows you to buy a smartphone without going make a loan or depend on a package in the long term.

New models regularly

since the first device Wiko, the brand is not stopped and today offers many products, which meet many needs and especially various budgets, from € 100 to € 300. The range is wide, and especially Wiko is not resting on the laurels of its success. As proof, the brand uses more luxurious on some of its models, as metal materials.

AndroidPIT wiko ufeel prime 1260
U Feel premium is the “high-end” smartphone of Wiko. It’s only worth 249.99 euros. © AndroidPIT

the double SIM, an unparalleled advantage

power insert two cards SIM in its mobile device is rather rare in models of large brands, yet it is a feature in great demand among users. Why bother with two smartphones when you can use just one, professionally and personally? Not counting the border people who can use two different packages depending on their location. There is no doubt: by focusing on the dual SIM, Wiko has really found the gravy train.

androidpit sony xperia x sim sd slot
put two cards SIM is possible on most smartphones Wiko. © AndroidPIT

the arguments against

a french product… Chinese

“Wiko, it’s french”! Yes, and no. Certainly, its headquarters, its after-sales Service or even its research and Development Department are based in Marseille. But all this is only a hundred people. WIKO is associated with Tinno, one of the largest players of the Chinese mobile market, which is a shareholder (95%) and especially who built appliances in China. And this, Wiko is careful not to brag about. The problem is not to be made in China, but rather want to hide it to keep an image “Made in France” more saleswoman. If one is trying to hide something, it’s maybe there’s eel under rock, right?

Bugs, and more bugs

if many users seem thrilled with their acquisition, and so much the better, others are considerably disappointed: defective model right out of the factory, touch screen dies after 15 days, start screen that bug on Android, GPS is not working… And so on. This is not to revive the debate “which is satisfied or not?”, but still I must admit as many problems of this type, and recurring in addition, are very troublesome for a person not wanting to just not bother with high technology. Fortunately, the Service is improving over the years. 

A Service not always effective

and that said bug, customer Service is often said. Again, accounts differ, but many people recount their long and painful experience with the Wiko SAV, which often last several months without a return date. A Facebook group has even created for the occasion, titled “Forgotten them Service of WIKO”. However, Wiko seems to have worked in this field and seeks to improve my immense lack of service. Hope it gets better soon!

androidpit FR wiko sav
more than 2000 people are fans of the page “Service of WIko forgotten them”. © AndroidPIT


Wiko is a good alternative for those seeking a device easy to use, no-frills, and functional. In the world of smartphones and phablets where some prices are more than astounding and seem to be only related instead”social” that this purchase will give to the user, Wiko is more than welcome. And especially: Why invest so much money when you know that the device has a date of planned obsolescence?

However, Wiko is not perfect. The brand has its flaws that cannot be ignored, and that can really disappoint users who pay, still, €300. It is not a sum to be taken lightly when the smartphone suddenly stops after 15 days. It remains that if one does the accounts, we find “more than for” of “Cons”.

We must therefore think about your use, your needs, and you can then choose a smartphone Wiko or another competitor. And if you still decide to go for a folding, stay tuned for our next article “Top 5 best smartphones Wiko”!

Article written in collaboration with Joséphine Dusol

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