Should I buy a smartphone with or without a package?

Away from us the idea of harming finance operators, but after all they are there anyway. Today, it is possible to buy my two smartphone three different ways: a purchase with package, a naked purchase, or followed by rental of a purchase. So should you buy a smartphone with or without a package? Response in our comparison.


Recently, a study showed that more than 60% of users were buying their smartphones nudes , i.e. without package attached. So that means that nearly half continues to buy a smartphone with commitment.

Given this situation, we have decided to make a true comparison of all. We have selected a few available on the market leading models and have calculated their real price with or without package attached. If you are part of those who buy their smartphone with package, we may have to think about changing practice.

Before we get to the heart of this comparison, it should be noted anyway one thing. The big advantage of a purchase with package, it’s the price of the smartphone the day of purchase. is in any case the argument long put forward by operators.

Thus, a normally sold smartphone 750 euros without package will be available from the operator at 300 or 400 euros the day of purchase. Then, the remaining amount will be spread on the package during the commitment period.

Except that all things considered, it is not so advantageous. Finally, the smartphone is well more expensive than if it had been purchased nu. It is often a method chosen by buyers in lack of cash the day of the purchase.

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our calculation method

to perform our comparison, we have therefore selected several models the most popular on the market. There high range, mid range and for entry. Altogether, we have therefore 10 models which include the following:

  • Galaxy S7 Edge

  • HTC 10

  • LG G5

  • 6s iPhone

  • Galaxy A5

  • Galaxy A3

  • Huawei P9

  • LG K10

  • Galaxy J3

  • Xperia E5

that is the selection of smartphones. For packages, we did things very simply. We have selected a side of packages without mobile around 20/25 euros (without private and other sales promotions) as the package Free Mobile 50 GB, packages Sosh, Red, B & You etc. What are the packages chosen by those who buy their naked smartphone.

We have calculated the price of the smartphone naked and nine as well as the cost of the package over two years. Why two years? To compare easily the offers smartphone + package requiring a two-year commitment. For these mobile + package offers, we had an average of data included with understood abroad.

It is clear that a package 20 GB is rather average So we made a nice little chart with prices of the moment on these specific models. You can access the PDF file including the table and charts here . Already some of the results in charts.


Results: long live the naked smartphone!

Our results are final: buy a naked smartphone is much more advantageous afford a smartphone with a reporting package. For all considered models and packages including more or less the same services, a naked purchase is always better.

Sometimes, differences in prices soar. And this game is Orange that is the least interesting . Very clearly, the quality of the network of the operator interested in better opt for a naked smartphone with a package Sosh.

Also the price differences between Orange and its competitors are already huge on the smartphone formulas + package. For example, with the package Sensation 20 GB of Bouygues Telecom the Galaxy S7 Edge cost 1451,66 euros over 24 months. At Orange, 20 GB to pay 2389,66 euros for 24 months. There is a gap of almost 1,000 between the two operators.

More generally, the differences between the all-in-one and the forms without commitment are correct. But on the more affordable models, the differences grow. In all cases it is better to opt for the formula naked smartphone.

For example, Huawei P9 returns to 988 euros on 24 months if you buy naked with a Free Mobile package. With a package Sensation 20 GB of Bouygues Telecom, which is the most interesting formulas with commitment, the gap is more than 200 euros since Huawei P9 amounts to 1202,76 euros.


Of course, each type of purchase has its advantages. Formulas with commitment cost more but can not pay the day of purchase. Buy a smartphone means hand the portfolio but to be totally free in the end. All this, by paying less over two years.

Not bad so much that today ‘ today from many stores online, and not only, offer to pay several times without fees. A way to allow less stocked scholarships to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

One thing is certain, if you buy a smartphone, opt for the formula with no commitment package. Finally, isn’t that a Council, you do like. Besides, what method do you use to buy your smartphone?

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