Second impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Android Nougat

is not new: Samsung has used to make several changes to the design of the overcoat TouchWiz. But if this is the taste of most of the other users think that the Builder was too far in the redesign of the interface design. One example among others, the new interface for calls. Now, every past or received call, the system displays a background combining the colors of the image of your contact profile.

the S7 edge Galaxy has improved my speed and has made enormous progress in autonomy

calls n s7 edge BR
Interface calls: in response to the calls (left); by making a call (to the right)? © AndroidPIT

if the phone number is not included in your list of contacts, or doesn’t have a profile picture, the color will not change. In my opinion, the design for calls is now simpler, more elegant and better adapted to the screen.

calls n s7 edge 2 PT
when you receive a call and your contact has a profile picture, the color changes. © AndroidPIT

a feature that made the difference in my user experience last week, is the possibility to adjust the resolution of the screen to save battery. In the settings, it is possible to access the screen Resolution option and choose quality HD (720 p), Full-HD (1080 p) or WQHD (1440 p).

For my part, I have configured my smartphone to half screen options (50% of the notification bar). The brilliance of the colours in Full-HD daily asked me any problems, but I felt better the performance of the battery on my Galaxy S7 edge. When you change the screen resolution, all in the background applications that are activated immediately stop.

If you select Doze mode , this option will be unavailable. This mode optimizes the maximum resources of the hardware and the software of the terminal and allows a better gaming experience, data cleaning, a high-performance display (resolution and brightness), and of course, to activate this mode much reduced the autonomy of the battery.

screen resolution n s7 edge PT
being able to change the resolution affects the battery life. © AndroidPIT

now, you cannot say similarly for the audio and video quality optimization feature. To be honest, I haven’t noticed any significant difference leaving the option enabled, in sharpness of color or brightness. As for the audio, I haven’t noticed anything special using the speakerphone, which should be the case. However, by putting my headphones, I noticed a slight improvement, but nothing to hold my attention.

TouchWiz fans can linger a little longer to get used to the new interface through UX. This feature can be applied during multimedia playback in applications like the native video player Samsung, Google Play Movies & TV, Youtube and Netflix.

video enhancer s7 edge n PT
the feature that optimizes the audio and video is not very worthy of interest. © AndroidPIT

I should point out that I had left out these two functions in my first article because I thought that they were already present with Android Marshmallow. However, two features are included in the software of the Galaxy Note7 under Marshmallow.

Another feature of Grace UX on the Note 7 which is also imported into the Galaxy S7 range, it is the performance of the camera. The interface is much more streamlined and easy to use, you can access mode by sliding the finger from left to right of the screen, and the option of taking photos in RAW format has been moved below the setting of the size of the image on the device main photo. This resource was available in the main menu of the camera under Marshmallow.

camera n s7 edge PT
a single use camera interface. © AndroidPIT

Finally, we can say that, even in beta, the Galaxy S7 edge has much faster performance, a progressignificatif in battery life, and a simpler user interface and better exploiting the resources of the system. So far, I noticed, as Google had introduced very singular changes with its Pixel range and, after complaints from users of Nexus, I think that anyone who considers himself fan of the overcoat TouchWiz can wait a bit before adopting the new Grace UX.

Nevertheless, even if it is subjective, there a thing we can’t deny: the Galaxy S7 Edge performance have improved.

News of Nougat on the Galaxy S7

today ‘ today, Samsung has released a new version of Android Nougat for owners of Galaxy S7 with S7 Galaxy edge which fits in the range beta testing program. The deployed OTA update is 92 MB. According to the list of changes, the stability of the software was improved and patches for bugs, such as unannounced closures of Facebook, optimization features and performance improvements.

If you want to get the latest software of the Galaxy S7 edge version while it is in phase of tests, turn to this installation tutorial from the beta version of Android Nougat for Galaxy S7 edge. The firmware was leaked by a member of the Samsung testing program, and it is this version that I installed on my terminal. For now, it has been fairly stable, even if it restricts the use of Samsung Pay because this isn’t an official version of the OS.

And you, do you have already adopted the new version of Android on your S7 Galaxy or Galaxy S7 edge? Did you like it at the moment?

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