Samsung S3 Gear: four days of intensive use in Peru

how does the barometer of the S3 Gear work?

The barometer is not a very common sensor among wearables currently on the market, and it is also one of the major differences between the Gear S2 and S3 Gear. Once we land in Cuzco, I could feel several geographic and climatic differences compared to Brazil, to the dry climate and the more significant altitude.

Nothing better to test a barometer to be in a city located more than 3,000 meters above the level of the sea, right? Here in Sao Paulo, the barometer of the S3 Gear indicated 926 hPa (hectopascals), as it is a city that is close enough to the sea level. Arriving in Cuzco, he displayed more than 675 hPa and, later, during one of our trips, it has reached very low pressure of 624 hPa.

gears3 hero principal
the S3 to Machu Picchu Gear. © AndroidPIT

Tizen interface displays your history of atmospheric pressure by taking into account the oscillations and the mode of transport. Of course, we didn’t have access to Internet in the mountains, but the information is kept on the watch and syncs to S Health as soon as the user is connected to the Internet.

barometrodois gears3
air pressure in Cuzco. © AndroidPIT

I asked tour guides on the spot what they used to have on their barometer and altimeter (which measures altitude) in the area. All the information provided by the Gear S3 is very similar to what they said. Moreover, other journalists with me on the spot also noted that data for our S3 Gear were similar.

I know that going to the Peru is possible for many of you, but some places in France can be a good ground to test the barometer of my smartwatch.

barometroum gears3
the barometer of the S3 Gear. © AndroidPIT

the barometer can also give the user a good idea of the weather beforehand: you’ll find on the way walk you, by chance. By combining these data with those of the altimeter, the user can get an idea what to wear to go out, that take a walk or an exploration of some parts of my city.

The heart rate sensor and meter not

is not a surprise for both of these features. In fact, what has most caught my attention, is the way in which the Gear S3 includes as you move. The application S Health includes a daily maintenance program, where you can also specify a goal of no and challenge another user of Gear. No need to pedal or moving your arms in an attempt to deceive the motion sensor.

no way to cheat with the movements of the S3 Gear sensor

If you are owners of a Gear and want to put me on S Health challenge, my username is ‘Salutes ‘. In any case, Baker quite there on a day: almost 22 km (either 29 694 not).

gear s3 passos maior
not saved by my S3 Gear. © AndroidPIT

the heart rate of the S3 Gear sensor has nothing to envy to other competitors in the market. At no time statistics have seemed unconvincing. I realized that reading could not happen on the first try, but I had to repeatedly turn the heart rate sensor until it takes my pulse.

gears3 pulso heart
the heart rate of the S3 Gear sensor. © AndroidPIT

what is the synchronization works with devices from other brands?

There is no that good things out of this test. The more you use an accessory or a terminal, can identify its strengths and weaknesses. I think it was the idea of Samsung by offering us this trip: discover a large part of the resources of the hardware and the software of the S3 Gear.

GPS is extremely accurate, working offline. He is able to permanently display the position of the user, even when the latter is at the top of a pass. However, I had a slight problem with the altimeter on my watch, which has ceased to appear mysteriously. Even worse: to solve the problem, synchronize my smartwatch with enforcement Gear to be able to set it and activate it, but this, according the news given by the application to reset my watch with the factory settings.

This means that I would have lost my history of activity of my watch and my S Health information. I made the choice to not set up or synchronize the altimeter to keep my personal information. Unfortunately, it was unusable until I reset and synchronization.

andar gears3
the meter of the S3 Gear No. © AndroidPIT

another thing I noticed is that enforcement Gear cannot install third-party applications that are not the Galaxy universe. Applications pre-installed on the Samsung as others simpler, as the Maps app, work well with any associated smartphone. However, some games, like Monster Vampire, for example, could not be completely installed on the smartwatch.

It also seems that some games do not take advantage of the internal power supply of the Gear. As you know, the S3 has its own power supply which makes it independent of the smartphone. Despite this, some applications are quite difficult to be installed or synchronized between smartphone and watch.


as I pointed out to another colleague who was on the trip, Felipe Ventura Gizmodo Brasil, the S3 Gear is a very complete wearable for those who play sports or are interested in doing a physical activity. In my opinion, the S3 Gear offers an experience based on three key principles: preparation, follow-up and the final diagnosis.

The user can organize themselves using sensors and applications, record its activity and access an account of what he has done. The difference between the Gear and its competitors, as the ZenWatch 3, for example, is that its potential can go far beyond what has been tested in this article, with its range of sensors and a perfect integration between the interface Tizen, the hardware and S Health.

the S3 Gear is probably the fullest and most robust smartwatch market at present.

The battery, on the other hand, is below average, what I said in my analysis of the device. I can say that the S3 Gear is probably the smartwatch the most complete and robust on the market, and in addition, one that offers the best user of my software experience. My intention with this article was not to make a final judgment of the product, and whether it is worth it or not, but to tell you the unique experience that we lived with the S3 Gear to the wrist.

And you, how do you use the barometer and other resources of the S3 Gear in your daily life? Say so in comments.

Bruno Salutes has made this trip to Peru at the invitation of Samsung.

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