Samsung and its folding screens: towards a success story?

is a challenging year for Samsung. Involved in a corruption scandal in my country home, traumatized (and traumatic) with the failure of the Galaxy Note7, under pressure for the release of my future Galaxy S8 who has no right to make mistakes, it is anyway time to develop a foldable screen technology. Apparently, we should see this technology commercialized as soon as next year.

foldable screen: that’re aquo?

It is difficult to follow all the rumours about the folding screens from Samsung. The only thing that is certain, is that it works on different concepts and it will offer us at least a model for sale in 2017. A recent rumor of ETnews even tells us that we should not learn long to see one of these devices: Samsung could introduce my smartphone to folding screen at the beginning of the year.

He must distinguish this phone to the other unit announced by the rumor: this other model would be pliable but not at the level of the screen. Maybe like a laptop, via a hinge, for example, allowing to superimpose two screens. In short, this isn’t as revolutionary as that aforementioned technology. That said, Samsung remains true to my good old AMOLED technology, or perhaps even Super AMOLED to which he was accustomed.

Samsung is working on several types of folding screens. © Mobile Geeks

the road to success is full of pitfalls

Samsung will not test the folding screen immediately. It won’t come out the smartphone to the folding screen immediately, he first wants to see how consumers with the first model will behave. If users show a certain interest for foldable smartphones, then the folding screen will come into scene.

It is clear that production will not be overwhelmed with this device, all at least not initially. There is no interest to build many models of a device which, in the end, won’t sell maybe. That said, it is difficult to imagine that the folding screen technology will not meet the expected success. She will tap a large screen (for example for a video) while ensuring ease of transport. Its commercial success will depend on other factors, mainly the price which may be cute.

The concept of folding screen is very interesting and can be very convenient in everyday life

what do you think?

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what strategy adopt

this foldable smartphone will be the Galaxy X? Will Samsung create a Galaxy Wing range? Project V? That’s behind the folding screen project names. This is already at least two years that we hear about projects and prototypes, but this time it’s serious, no matter what Samsung has prepared it will be ready to be marketed (I hope he will not end up like the Galaxy Note7!). 

How will Samsung introduce its device? Will we see a run for folding screens, as rumour had announced? This is unlikely because Samsung wants to integrate it into its high-end devices if users adopt this technology. Another rumour claims that he would take the name of Galaxy X. If true, this means that Samsung does therefore not place its smartphone in its high-end series (S) despite the technical features available to the device (similar to a Galaxy S7 ).

Initially, Samsung will test the market. If it turns out to be successful, we can be certain that at some point this technology will arrive on the high end.

Whatever it is, we will be set at the beginning of next year and we will get our own opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of the folding screen technology. Would you be interested in this technology, or you prefer smartphones as they are today?

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