Root Android: how rooter my smartphone or Tablet?

like the ‘jailbreak’ on iPhone, the ‘root’ has become the routine of many Android. In taking a step back, it’s also what makes the system more attractive compared to competitors operating mobile systems. For others, the root is also a step to achieve its goal: erase too intrusive origin applications, install a specific application, raise the CPU performance and customize more in depth (with GravityBox, including), recover photos deleted by mistake, among other things. That said, a Custom ROM didn’t need the root to settle, but simply to access its functions that request. Here, we explain everything on the root of Android, with, as a bonus, tutorials targeted for Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc.


means “root”?

In the language of Molière, the ‘root’ translates as ‘root ‘. As its name suggests, the ‘root’ allows you to elevate the user rights of a terminal Android as a “Super User”, also known as the “superuser.” From there, the user will be able to access the files located at the root of the smartphone, which is its system. After having validated the application for leave (temporary or permanent), the user is able to modify the system files which cannot normally be and/or allow third-party applications to do that.

Why a mobile ‘new’ Android doesn’t have access to the root?

Simply by the fact that Google does not want to offer a system called “sieve”. Logic. Imagine if a malicious application had the root of office, it would be able to cause significant damage to the system, that in normal conditions, with access to sensitive parts of the system. In fact, Google has so preferred to opt for a system of conditions, which is valid for the whole of the builders who want to have the Google Play Store pre-installed in their product to go on sale in the market. If you didn’t, mobile high-end Google Nexus (or Pixel now) are among those who are easiest to root Android.

androidpit nexus 4 nexus 5 nexus 6
mobile devices of the Google Nexus range are the easiest to rooter. © ANDROIDPIT

what are the risks of the root Android?

Here, we talk about the risks associated with the procedure after the root. Indeed, we are going to “Flash” a file dedicated to the root of the Android smartphone, as well as a custom recovery which will expand the range of possibilities, if needed. To access the root, developers exploit a flaw in the system. That is, a gap left open by the manufacturer or by Android which allows to permanently access the system files to the root of the device.

Depending on the version of Android, devices and other specific conditions model numbers, you should know that Flash a bad image can brick your Android terminal. Specifically, the term “brick an Android” is used when mobile became unusable as a result of bad handling. Thus, it is so inert that a brick. If it’s a ‘soft brick’, this means that blocking is caught by reinstalling the original system, while the “hard brick” means that the device is permanently blocked.

The root makes lose coverage under Android?

At once simple and complicated, this question is.  In Europe, the root will not void the warranty. end point. If you’re not in metropolitan France, so it depends on the laws in your country of residence. To take example on the Canada, rooter through a smartphone on its soil voids the warranty of the manufacturer without notice.

a meter just inform them of the number of changes made on a smartphone. Samsung has also integrated a counter to its application Knox, it is very difficult to deceive. © ANDROIDPIT

to return to the old Continent, the European Union adopted the directive ‘ 1999/44/EC’, which States that “the modification of the software part, including, root does Cancel in no case the minimum two-year warranty for the physical part, the manufacturer must ensure the buyer”. However, “If the manufacturer is able to prove that the root has damaged the material part, then the guarantee is invalidated. In the State, we could think about overclocking which can heat the CPU to the point of grilling it, including. Remains that evidence due to abnormal physical wear because of the root, in this case, can sometimes be difficult to find.

How rooter its Android device?

This fateful question, we will answer that: everything depends on the model of smartphone you want rooter. In a few words, make it a point on some truths General, finally not so General that finally:

  • Mobile of Samsung’s rootent from a suitable software. Christened Odin, it comes in different versions depending on the devices: root Android: download Odin 1.85, 3.04, 3.07, 3.09 (all versions) .

  • HTC, Sony and LG smartphones require to unlock the bootloader, according to official procedures, but who cancel the guarantee . That being said, there are methods that allow rooting without unlock the bootloader for some devices.

  • Nexus smartphones are particularly easy to unlock and the community that surrounds them provides relatively simple root and methods regularly with each new version of the OS.

  • Chinese models are usually easy to root, but the rules related to privacy, are sometimes a brake. Suddenly, the developers of the community pay less attention.

Fortunately for other users, the fewer geeks, some developers offer regular small programs that allow one-click root rights or almost, from Windows or other.

I suggest you also go check out King Root .

How do root my Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, etc.?

On the Web, there is much information, including tutorials and other practical assistance. On our side, we try also to regularly publish a new tutorial that targets a particular popular enough product. Be it on the blog or forum, you should know that we offer many tutorials. Who knows, maybe your mobile is in the list. If you have a question, feel free to search or ask your questions.

Before considering rooter, there are basic rules to follow: every time, it is important to check the version of Android, the model number and possibly other information such as the number of build, etc.


tablets Samsung

and as a bonus: how to uninstall Knox on Samsung .

Google Nexus

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bonus: turn your LG G2 in LG G3


Bonus: how to set up the dual SIM Smartphone Wiko





If you have not found your happiness in this list You can always ask your questions in the comments. Maybe a user or ourselves will be able to assist you. In the meantime, we hope that some explanations, the article will have to help you in one way or another.

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